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Ergonomic office chairs 

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Ergonomic swivel chairs and office chairs: what is really an ergonomic office chair? As you will see, in the market there is a very wide range of rotating office chairs and chairs called ergonomic, but for a chair to be considered ergonomic, it is not enough to be rotating and carry gas piston to adapt the height of the seat. It is important that the chair can adapt perfectly to our constitution so that our body and above all the position we adopt when sitting is a natural and correct position to avoid problems of back, shoulders, sight, etc. The ergonomic position takes into account the height of the chair, the height of the table so that the arms can rest correctly, the height of the computer screen so that the view is at the correct height and of course, the part in which the Ergonomic chair fulfills its important role: the position of the back taking into account: - angle between seat and back - height of the area of ​​support of the back of the back - height of the armrest - comfort of the seat (characteristics of the foam And hardness of the seat and backrest) In order for the seat to be adapted to the chair to be ergonomic, the "ERGONOMIC CHAIR" must be able to be adjusted in the previous points. Here we present you a selection of the best ergonomic chairs of the national and international market as chairs of Scandinavian signatures like HAG that are leading in the development of ergonomic chairs. We also present a more economical alternative for those who do not want to give up the best ergonomics but the budget is more adjusted. In this section you will also find the document we have made with "Ergonomics tips, how we should sit" to help you choose the ergonomic chair you need and more importantly, to get the most out of the chair once purchased. It explains to you that it is each of the mechanisms that assembles a chair (swing mechanism, permanent contact mechanism, synchro or synchro mechanism, lumbar adjustment, etc.) so that you understand the possibilities of the ergonomic chair and what benefits can the chair bring you in Your office or in your office