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Bar stools 

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  • 30,95 € tax excl. 37,45 € tax incl.

    Vintage metal low stool available in black and white color. Stackable stool.

    30,95 €
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      Aluminium stackable outdoor stool in colors suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Collection made of aluminum coated in polyester (powder coated). Idal for contract.

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    • 110,40 € tax excl. 133,58 € tax incl.

      Stool SKIN design with elegant lines, a game with the chairs. Possibility of equipping restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or for interior decoration. Stool stackable for facilities and contract. Housing in various colors injected in glass fiber and Polypropylene. Structure-steel rod, white or chrome.

      110,40 €
      133,58 € tax incl.
    • 84,95 € tax excl. 102,79 € tax incl.

      Yoko stool for bar and restaurant indoor use made ​​of epoxi painted steel frame and polypropylene seat in different colors. Choose your combination. Seat measures 36x28x79 cm.

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      102,79 € tax incl.
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      Stool for indoor use Model 517. Chromed steel framel with stainless steel seat. Measures 35 cm x 74 cm. Sold in set of 2 units.

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    • 97,63 € tax excl. 118,14 € tax incl.

      Stool medium LISBOA designed byJoan Gaspar, for indoor and outdoor use. Seat and back injected with polypropylene with glass fibre, using gas assisted injection moulding technology. UV protection. Sold in boxes of 4 units. (unit price)

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      118,14 € tax incl.
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      Stool LISBOA designed byJoan Gaspar, for indoor and outdoor use. Seat and back injected with polypropylene with glass fibre, using gas assisted injection moulding technology. UV protection. Sold in boxes of 4 units. (unit price)

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      114,22 € tax incl.
      • 55,20 € tax excl. 66,79 € tax incl.

        Indoor stool with a PVC and foam seat in black colour. Chrome steel structure. Sold in boxes of 2 units. Sold in bundles of 2 items (unit price) Hight adjustable with gas lift.

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        66,79 € tax incl.
      • 60,00 € tax excl. 72,60 € tax incl.

        Indoor stool HAL with anodized aluminium legs, Ø 30 x2 mmwide, shiny finish. Cast aluminium footrest and seat base. Matt finish. Injected polypropylene seat.

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        Indoor fixed barstool with recyclable polypropylene seat and chromed steel frame. Sold in bundles of 4 items (unit price)      

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      • 385,00 € tax excl. 465,85 € tax incl.

        Polyurethane stool with steel insert and chromium-plated steel footrest. Chromium-plated steel base. Swivel, with gas seat height adjustment button. Colour: white, silcer, black, pistachio, purple and red. Measurements: 408x405x689-790 mm  

        385,00 €
        465,85 € tax incl.
      • 337,00 € tax excl. 407,77 € tax incl.

        Solid beach frame with polypropylene seat and backrest.  Colour: white, red, black, light grey, green and yellow  

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      • 88,02 € tax excl. 106,50 € tax incl.

        Stackbable stool for indoor and outdoor use. Injected in polycarbonate. U.V protection. Antiscrach and fire retardant for polyamide's model. Colour transparent. Sold in bundles of 2 items (unit price)

        88,02 €
        106,50 € tax incl.
      • 209,60 € tax excl. 253,62 € tax incl.

        Aluminum stacking stool for indoor and outdoor use. Structure, seat and back of anodized aluminum. Structure of 30x30 mm and 2 mm thick. Seat and back in 4 mm thick. Public or domestic uses. Sold in boxes of 4. ADEX 2015 (Award for design Excellence)

        209,60 €
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        Stool for outdoor and  indoor use 576. Anodized aluminum.   Sold in set of 2 units. Unit price.

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      Stools. High chairs for bars and high tables

      Stools: this piece is so special can help you create your home with your personal touch. We have a catalog of stools that are adapted to different spaces: bar stools for the kitchen, to a bar, to the terrace, to a high table... We have stools for indoor and outdoor, also stools, folding stools, low or sidewalks, etc In the catalog you will find a selection of bar stools manufactured in different materials so you can find yours: like stools with aluminium structure for outdoor use, made of wood, polycarbonate and even replicas of the best designs international as the stool GHOST. Among our selection of barstools, we have stools with gas to be able to regulate the height, so you can put it to the height you need, adapting it to the worktop or kitchen bar, or even at a table of standard height to create a more informal.