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Office Desks 

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  • Are you thinking of doing a renovation in your company and change your office furniture? The desks can be ideal for those who want to make the most of each one of these spaces, by combining in the same work space comfort and good taste.

    In DESKandSIT we want to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with a good experience when you use our office furniture.

    Advantages of buying desks with us

    The desks can be used to distribute the spaces of an office of a more harmonious shape, offering comfort to those who develop their working day day-to-day, because they will feel that the conditions and the working environment are best organized, what quecrearáun better working environment.

    For this reason, some of the most remarkable benefits of this type of furniture are the following:


    If that truly is concerned about is to have tables of office without the need to go out of budget that I had set forth for purchase in our online store we stock a wide variety of models at different prices.

    We want you to be able to choose one that truly suits your pocket, without leave to experience the feeling of having in their hands a piece of furniture, crafted and of high quality.


    Our desks have been made with materials of excellent quality such as steel, which guarantees that in the case that you need to put accessories and office supplies can be heavy, these pieces of furniture will be able to handle it without the furniture comes to abuse. In addition, the range of office furniture is constructed with joints with screws, metric, (unlike the furniture type Kit that is mounted with screw-wood) thing that allows you to be able to make a move, if necessary.


    We distinguish ourselves by selling furniture of good quality and with modern designs, which, in addition, to improve the distribution of space in function of a single table, can be used by multiple users without any problems.

    In this sense, we have a wide variety of models of tables for office for all tastes and needs, including tables created as sets type bench or pull of 2, 3, 4 and even 20 posts or more, with which you can integrate to several employees in the same space. Wide our tables as much as you need to your computer.


    The designs of the desks that we have for sale,have been manufactured with the aim of improving the experience of users and provide answers to their needs of comfort, because, these models possess features that respond to the purposes for which they are to be used.

    Arranging of space to position all of the equipment with lateral wings working to extend the useful surface area of the table. With the accessories needed to have a tidy office: knockouts for laptops, portacpus for desktop computers, spacers front to give privacy and reduce the acoustics in the open office or open-space, etc

    Where to buy desks?

    If you have decided to buy desks, you can do it in DESKandSIT, where we put at your disposal a set of office furniture that will make the environment of your company or office to be a place in which to breathe professionalism and sobriety that you want to proyectarle to your customers and employees.

    Along with the tables of office, you'll also be able to purchase office chairs, file cabinets, bins, and whiteboards, which are very practical to supplement the space of an office, maintaining order and facilitating the different tasks that are carried out in such a place.

  • Upon entering an office, the hall of a hotel, a restaurant or a museum we make a first impression of this place, which will mark the rest of the relationship during the hours or days that will pass. Usually the main elements of these areas are the reception desks, so in DESKandSIT we offer a wide variety to choose the most suitable counter.

    The counter that you choose for your business must comply with some characteristics according to the sensation you seek to convey to your customers. This also happens at office receptions.
    Likewise, you must maintain a corporate and welcoming style that invites the client to request information or make a reservation with complete confidence.

    How to choose the best reception desk for the office?

    Within our range of office furniture, we have a wide range of counters: tables for the reception of offices and premises for customer service. Depending on the available space and the needs of your office or premises, we have a wide range of reception tables in our catalog, both in dimensions, characteristics, finishes and prices.

    First of all, the number of people that are going to meet behind the reception desks should be attended.

    Depending on the type of business, the reception desks will be individual or group, this will be decided in order to improve the productivity and capabilities of employees.

    At DESKandSIT we offer both models of reception desks. In the case of groups, our reception desks are modular, so they can include the jobs that are needed (3, 4, 5, etc. differentiated work areas).

    In addition, the vision offered by reception counters must be taken into account. Those who leave more visibility will give a feeling of greater closeness. In our catalog you can see the different models.

    However, although we have products in stock, the most appropriate for your business is to take care of the measures you need. In this way you can choose not only the materials, but specially designed details to improve the functionality of your business and, above all, adapt the colors to the corporate ones.

    The opportunity to design the reception desks will allow you to create modern receptions for offices or customize them according to the office chairs that your business already has.

    Our reception counters adapt to any type of establishment, including the reception of a dental clinic that will require a more sober style, or that of an art gallery whose counter will include asymmetrical designs or bright colors.

    Why buy reception desks at DESKandSIT?

    In the DESKandSIT catalog we have reception desks in different materials, shapes and dimensions that are in stock for immediate shipment.

    Between the different sizes there are straight, curved, L-shaped and elongated reception desks in order to serve more than one job.

    Personalize your reception with our collection of counters with integrated LED light on the front.
    In turn, all have a structure divided into sides, skirt, dividers and feet, which can contain adjustable levelers at the base.

    Another advantage of our reception desks is the provision of an area enabled to serve disabled people.

    In addition, at DESKandSIT we only work with leading brands accustomed to creating designs and working with materials for the creation of office reception furniture.

    If you want to know more about our company or want to get in touch to request custom reception desks, fill out our form or call us at 902 090 785. We will be delighted to assist you.

  • Any business that has an office to meet their employees needs a meeting room. It should be the fundamental pillar that gives rise to decision making, the meeting table or conference table. In DESKandSIT we have a wide variety of them for you to choose the one that best suits your business.

    How to choose appropriate conference tables

    The meeting tables may seem like basic elements and similar to each other.

    However, the meeting tables must contain all of, its own personality. This mode will be adjusted not only to the spirit of the company but to the function that the table of meetings is exercised within it.

    To choose the conference tables , should take into account different details. It will not be the same to choose meeting tables, to a gastronomic business and informal than for a medical or legal.

    Also intervene in the choice of the number of employees that may attend it or the size of the room where it is located, that's why we need to know the measures of the office table.

    In DESKandSIT we present a wide variety of office furniture in the catalog so that they can serve as a support to your business.

    The size of the table is decisive. Therefore, in order to offer the product that you want to have tables from the 120 cm long up to 240, or, if necessary, we can manufacture larger sizes. Simply choose the size of your office desk with our filters and you will come to the most appropriate.

    In addition, you have the possibility of purchasing modular meeting tables . This type are very useful because regardless of the size or shape of the room, the table may be adjusted.

    Another advantage, is that if this table is used regularly, the seats that occupy each manager or employee may be ordered as the company requires.

    Also, you increase the possibilities of reuse and recycling, since the tables can be placed in different positions to perform different activities (adapt the tables as well as a meeting room or to separate the tables for a training room).

    In DESKandSIT we also offer the option of purchasing tables with boards foldaway for those local who have little space.

    And in order to adapt the design of the conference tables of the company, we have tables which are oval, circular, rectangular, or square. These will be able to adapt to their chairs for the meeting room.

    In addition, if you prefer the tables together, in our catalog you will find a lot of them in all sizes.

    Finally, for the more business-select we offer tables of modern meeting and design.


    Advantages of buying conference tables in DESKandSIT

    In DESKandSIT we are experts in office furniture.

    That's why, in addition to fantastic meeting tables, we offer several methods of payment and certifications in the field of security for online purchase.

    Finally, search through our products to furniture of office which include the mount or they are easy to assemble. Among other tools, we service our customers amenas installation instructions and videos. It is also possible to hire the service of installation for the products is not included.

    If you have any questions or want to consult our office furniture and its pricing , call us at 902 090 785. We will be happy to assist you so that you can enjoy as soon as possible of their tables of meetings.

Office tables: all the furniture for your office.

Office tables, management tables, board tables or meeting rooms with all their accessories: dividers, skirts, sockets, etc. 

Office furniture in stock for fast delivery

We have a section with a selection of the most essential office products. Selection of immediate delivery office furniture, such as office tables with drawers and low cabinet available in immediate delivery in 2 colors and 2 sizes, as well as a selection of swivel office chairs.

If fast delivery office furniture is what you need, contact us for availability. 

We are specialists in office furniture. We have an extensive catalog. Here we present the most common references. Looking for more? Request our catalog in PDF that we will send you by email or download it from our website. Measurements, finishes, etc. Everything you need to equip your office. 

Why buy office tables at DESKandSIT?

The office tables in our catalog are top quality products made in Spain. And without giving up the price: the tables with the best prices. Why pay more? 

If you have a maintenance department that can assemble the product and time to do it yourself, save yourself the assembly costs offered by traditional distributors and pay only for the product.

Wide variety of office furniture

The products you will find in this section are divided into the following large groups of office:

furnitureStorage furniture: with metal cabinets and drawers

Office tables with their accessories (cable grommets, electrification channels, etc.)

Counters and reception furniture Board

tables and multipurpose tables for meeting rooms, training rooms, etc. 

At DESKandSIT you will find many more products to complete your office. On the other sections of the web, you will find office swivel chairs, executive chairs, multipurpose chairs for receptions and waiting rooms, as well as a selection of furniture for immediate delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.