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Conference tables 

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  • 332,50 € tax excl. 402,33 € tax incl.

    Table with fold-in 140x60cm special for conferences with capacity for 2 people. Skirt to play with the board built into the price. kit union between tables are available as an option. The table revolves to be able to save tables in a minimum of space.

    332,50 €
    402,33 € tax incl.
  • 222,90 € tax excl. 269,71 € tax incl.

    Meeting table 120cm diameter. Table top made ​​on chipboard 25 mm in Oak, White, Gray and Maple colors.

    222,90 €
    269,71 € tax incl.
  • 319,95 € tax excl. 387,14 € tax incl.

    Round meeting table 100 and 120cm diameter. Table top made ​​on chipboard 25 mm in Oak , White and Maple colors with painted steel structure in aluminum color.

    319,95 €
    387,14 € tax incl.
  • 313,95 € tax excl. 379,88 € tax incl.

    Meeting table. Table top and structure made ​​on chipboard 25 mm in Oak , Gray, White and Maple colors.

    313,95 €
    379,88 € tax incl.
  • 662,95 € tax excl. 802,17 € tax incl.

    Meeting table of 200x110cm. Table top made ​​on chipboard 25 mm in Oak , White and Maple colors with painted steel structure in aluminum color.

    662,95 €
    802,17 € tax incl.
  • 219,00 € tax excl. 264,99 € tax incl.

    Meeting table. Table top and structure made ​​on chipboard 25 mm.Colors of the melamine table top: white, gray, dune, oak, wengue (see also the complete catalog).

    219,00 €
    264,99 € tax incl.
  • 228,90 € tax excl. 276,97 € tax incl.

    Meeting table for conference rooms and executive offices of the series NEMO. The meeting table is available in 2 measurements: 120x120cm and 240x120cm. Metal structure in aluminum color or white manufactured of steel formed by 2-foot U-shaped metal 50x50mm and a central beam of 40x40cm which gives maximum stiffness.

    228,90 €
    276,97 € tax incl.
    • 443,70 € tax excl. 536,88 € tax incl.

      Meeting Table design inspired from the origami japanese to give a current image and modern to your office. Able to 240x120cm. Meeting Table rectangular ORIGIN of IMAN manufactured in melamine or lacquer.

      443,70 €
      536,88 € tax incl.
    • 387,50 € tax excl. 468,88 € tax incl.

      Meeting Table design inspired from the origami japanese to give a current image and modern to your office. Measuring 120cm in diameter. Meeting Table circular ORIGIN of IMAN manufactured in melamine or lacquer.

      387,50 €
      468,88 € tax incl.
    • 387,50 € tax excl. 468,88 € tax incl.

      Table, boardroom and meeting square for offices design inspired by the japanese origami to give it a modern image and modern to your office. Measures 120cm x 120cm

      387,50 €
      468,88 € tax incl.
    • 326,40 € tax excl. 394,94 € tax incl.

      Design table made with a foot in 3 sizes and different finishes. Pie made with 2 feet of resin connected by an aluminum bar. The foot is available in 4 colors: black; sand; Red and white. The above table is available in phenolic compact. The table is suitable for outdoor use.

      326,40 €
      394,94 € tax incl.
      • 99,95 € tax excl. 120,94 € tax incl.

        Modular table for office to 120x60cm and 140x70cm formed by 4-feet, metal rounded aluminum color and on of table available in several colors. Ideal for use as a side table or for combining several units in the office such as table board or table-cut. The measures (the length is twice the width), allows you to place the tables in several configurations.

        99,95 €
        120,94 € tax incl.
        • 119,95 € tax excl. 145,14 € tax incl.

          Table of classic design perfect for use in any environment: restaurant, kitchen, office, of an office, etc Table design TULIP style round with white lacquered wood and the metal base in white paint. Diameter 90cm.

          119,95 €
          145,14 € tax incl.
          • 419,90 € tax excl. 508,08 € tax incl.

            Design table TULIP  style . Its design allows it to be used both in a working environment, such as the office of an office, such as for a living room or a kitchen.Base in cast aluminium white finish with on table made in lacquered wood in white color of 18 mm of thickness. The round table is available in 2 measures: 100 and 120cm in diameter.

            419,90 €
            508,08 € tax incl.
          • 533,90 € tax excl. 646,02 € tax incl.

            Design table. The table is made up of a base, available in various sizes in oval or round shape, and by tops of different sizes and finishes. In this way, the table can be configured to suit all needs.The Noren table is ideal for contract, bars and restaurants and offices. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

            533,90 €
            646,02 € tax incl.

          Any business that has an office to meet their employees needs a meeting room. It should be the fundamental pillar that gives rise to decision making, the meeting table or conference table. In DESKandSIT we have a wide variety of them for you to choose the one that best suits your business.

          How to choose appropriate conference tables

          The meeting tables may seem like basic elements and similar to each other.

          However, the meeting tables must contain all of, its own personality. This mode will be adjusted not only to the spirit of the company but to the function that the table of meetings is exercised within it.

          To choose the conference tables , should take into account different details. It will not be the same to choose meeting tables, to a gastronomic business and informal than for a medical or legal.

          Also intervene in the choice of the number of employees that may attend it or the size of the room where it is located, that's why we need to know the measures of the office table.

          In DESKandSIT we present a wide variety of office furniture in the catalog so that they can serve as a support to your business.

          The size of the table is decisive. Therefore, in order to offer the product that you want to have tables from the 120 cm long up to 240, or, if necessary, we can manufacture larger sizes. Simply choose the size of your office desk with our filters and you will come to the most appropriate.

          In addition, you have the possibility of purchasing modular meeting tables . This type are very useful because regardless of the size or shape of the room, the table may be adjusted.

          Another advantage, is that if this table is used regularly, the seats that occupy each manager or employee may be ordered as the company requires.

          Also, you increase the possibilities of reuse and recycling, since the tables can be placed in different positions to perform different activities (adapt the tables as well as a meeting room or to separate the tables for a training room).

          In DESKandSIT we also offer the option of purchasing tables with boards foldaway for those local who have little space.

          And in order to adapt the design of the conference tables of the company, we have tables which are oval, circular, rectangular, or square. These will be able to adapt to their chairs for the meeting room.

          In addition, if you prefer the tables together, in our catalog you will find a lot of them in all sizes.

          Finally, for the more business-select we offer tables of modern meeting and design.


          Advantages of buying conference tables in DESKandSIT

          In DESKandSIT we are experts in office furniture.

          That's why, in addition to fantastic meeting tables, we offer several methods of payment and certifications in the field of security for online purchase.

          Finally, search through our products to furniture of office which include the mount or they are easy to assemble. Among other tools, we service our customers amenas installation instructions and videos. It is also possible to hire the service of installation for the products is not included.

          If you have any questions or want to consult our office furniture and its pricing , call us at 902 090 785. We will be happy to assist you so that you can enjoy as soon as possible of their tables of meetings.