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Folding tables 

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Looking for a folding table for special occasions? 

You have reached the right place. Enter to see the beautiful and practical folding tables designed specifically for your home.

Folding Tables Type Suitcase. What are they?

There are two types of folding table, the tables on which the envelope is folded. These are called FOLDING TABLES TYPE SUITCASE. The operation is as follows: 

The feet are folded, and once closed the envelope is folded in half, so that the feet are collected inside. 

In addition, these tables carry a handle so you can easily transport them. From the handle comes the name of folding tables type suitcase. There are small tables, from 90cm to very large tables of 240cm, which once closed are very compact. You can store them anywhere: under a bed, in the back of a closet, behind a door, in the storage room ... In addition, all the products we offer are of the highest quality. If you enter the products you will see the video that shows the differences in quality with other folding tables that are on the market, which apparently seem the same, but that their quality is much lower, since they use plastics of worse quality (using, for For example, additives that make them cheaper but at the same time more fragile, so that in case of a blow they break more easily.Folding 

Tables with one-piece tabletop

Everything is designed to find the table You need even larger tables, but in our section Contract Furniture - Folding furniture - tables for professional use with large tables up to 2 meters in diameter, you can also find the chairs and accessories you need in the section of folding chairs, also folding benches and even folding desks, if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us in

the section of folding tables for hospitality a, you will also find the series of tables in which only the feet are closed and the envelope is one piece. In principle, they are the tables designed for continued use. These types of tables are reinforced at the joints and the structure. These tables are designed for the hospitality industry or for convention halls or offices that handle them on a regular basis.