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  • Tables for indoor and outdoor use. The tables are composed of a foot or structure and an envelope or board. There are different materials to choose between the structures and the boards. Each tabletop board is available in more than one measure. If the combination you want, you can not find it in our web catalog, ask us to offer you the product you need. We have the material of the main national manufacturers of professional hotel furniture, such as RESOL, EZPELETA, MUEBLES ROMERO, ALUTEC, ISI CONTACTR, etc. We also have import material for the replicas of the design classics.

  • Catalog of chairs for both indoor and outdoor. For hotels and private individuals. Chairs and armchairs made of different materials to suit your use. Selection of upholstered chairs, wooden chairs, stacking chairs, resin chairs, plastic housing. Easy maintenance. Most of our hospitality products are available for quick delivery. Ask us.

  • Wide range of high bar tables and stools designed for outdoor and indoor use. Ideal for bar terraces, swimming pools, beach bars, as well as office, chill out, etc. The high tables to eat standing or with stool, are a good alternative in the area of your premises that you can not put a low table for space, but offer the customer one more point, and more comfort and intimacy than at the bar. Everything you need for your premises or business. Find among our proposals the product that is in accordance with the design and characteristics of your premises.

  • Umbrellas

  • Light outdoor furniture: modern Light outdoor furniture, light bar counter, swimming pool lights and more

    Newgarden futniture.

  • Contrat et mobilier de restaurant: canapés, tables et repose-pieds latéraux pour canapés intérieurs et extérieurs.

  • Extensive catalog of auxiliary tables to complete the design of your premises, bar, restaurant or business. Tables for use in different areas: tables for waiting rooms, coffee tables for sofa area, tables to accompany puffs in areas informale type chilloout, etc. Tables for hotel and contract.

    Everything you need for your premises or business. Aluminum stools of classic and modern design. Furniture in different materials to adapt to different styles of interior design: aged vintage tables and stools with retro design, aluminum, lacquered wood, etc.

    Find among our proposals the product that is in accordance with the design and characteristics of your premises.

  • Sun loungers, hammocks and auxiliary tables for the pool and beach areas of hotels, sports centers, chillout areas, etc.

    Sun loungers and hammocks in different materials: from sun loungers in resin with textile, batyline, plastic loungers and also loungers and hammocks with aluminum structure especially suitable for beaches. Auxiliary tables and stools to match the sun loungers.

  • Section where we present accessories catering for signaling, reporting and order.

    - Posters and signs: from desktop print carrier, boards, plates with the basic signals (Picts services, restaurant, WiFi, signs, numbers, etc.) as well as plates with standard signaling (emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.)

    - Stands

    - Separations (poles and ribbons / strings) to mark lines, walkways, etc.

    On the web, you will find the selection of the most common signals. If you need a different check.

  • Examples of such facilities and cafes where images of real cafes proposals relate to products (chairs, tables and stools) that fit the style to help you decorate your new business or renew or upgrade their premises.