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  • Design plant and flower Pots with light and without light and domestic grow tables.

  • FOLDING CHAIRS for home in plastic, wood and metal. See also folding chairs for bar and restaurants

  • Folding tables

  • Garden furniture: outdoor furniture for garden and terraces

  • Chairs selection: home chairs,modern classic chairs replicas as Eames chairs, etc

  • Stools and high tables, plastic stools, wood stools, metal stools, polycarbonate stools.... a big wide selection of stools in different materials, shapes, folding stools, colors and styles. Which is the perfect stool for you?

  • Sofas, lounges, footrests, side tables in different styles: modern classic like Eames, Italian Style like Beetle By Infiniti, rattan indoor sofas for rustique, etc

  • Mattresses, bed bases, articulates electric beds, lift up storage beds,bed headboards, etc in our rest catalogue ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mattress - How should we choose a mattress? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There is an ideal matttress for each person. We have made a selection of different products on the market to offer the best range of products with the best value. All mattresses in our catalog are manufactured in Europe with European raw materials. Thus, we make sure we are offering the highest quality. What should you know before buying a mattress? Not all mattresses are the same, even with the same "title" and "SPRING MATTRESS" must take into account many other features to find out which product is being offered. The main features of the mattresses are: - Mattress Core Material (springs, foam, latex) - Material of the top and bottom layers (breathable mesh, latex) of the mattress - Firmness: the combination of both above 2 features along with the thickness of each zone, is what determines the firmness of the mattress. In some cases, both the core and the lower and upper layers are of a single material. Firmness can be low, medium or high. - Cover: in many cases, the cover has certain characteristics such as breathability, antibacterial treatments or different compositions for winter and summer station. Firmness (which is defined by the core material) together with the coating determine the comfort when resting. Let's not forget the price of the mattress. The type and quality of raw materials and core coatings clearly determine the price of the mattresses. In our mattress catalog, we have incorporated the best option according to each type of mattress firmness you need: - Medium/high Firmness Technical foam mattresses as Elliocel 30kg density firmness offering medium to high according to their size (height from mattress) and Spring mattresses with high medium firmness, with layers of polyurethane on top and bottom. - Medium Firmness: Visco mattress, where a core of high strength foam that combines with a layer of low firmness viscoelastic. - Soft Firmness 100% Latex mattresses 63kg density for soft firmness, anatomical and comfortable. Each range of mattressesare been offered in different sizes. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To complete your bedroom, we also present the bed bases, articulates electric beds, lift up storage beds and bed headboards ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Home furniture and accessories: desks, trestles, folding tables, folding chairs, designer chairs, design classics, lighting, desk lamps, computer media, PC accessories and more .....