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  • Design plant and flower Pots with light and without light and domestic grow tables.

  • FOLDING CHAIRS for home in plastic, wood and metal. See also folding chairs for bar and restaurants

  • Folding tables

  • Garden furniture: outdoor furniture for garden and terraces

  • Chairs selection: home chairs,modern classic chairs replicas as Eames chairs, etc

  • Stools and high tables, plastic stools, wood stools, metal stools, polycarbonate stools.... a big wide selection of stools in different materials, shapes, folding stools, colors and styles. Which is the perfect stool for you?

  • Sofas, lounges, footrests, side tables in different styles: modern classic like Eames, Italian Style like Beetle By Infiniti, rattan indoor sofas for rustique, etc

Home furniture and accessories: desks, trestles, folding tables, folding chairs, designer chairs, design classics, lighting, desk lamps, computer media, PC accessories and more .....