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Complements and decoration accessories.


Our goal is to be able to offer you the best furniture and accessories to decorate your space: your premises, your office, your home office, and also a wide selection for decorators looking for objects for their projects.


Why choose furniture and accessories at DESKandSIT?


We select each product from the catalog asking ourselves: Is this what I would like for myself? Does it meet my demands for design, quality and price? We only publish products that meet these requirements. This is not incompatible with a wide variety of products and designs, since to equip your business, you will need from auxiliary furniture with a tight budget, to large pieces that dress the space, such as an armchair or leather chaise longue to enjoy your moments relaxing, dressing a consultation, a management office, etc.


We know that for you, every detail is very important, and therefore, it is also for us. We present a wide range of products among which you will find: Lamps and illuminated furniture to give light and above all to decorate both interior and exterior for terraces; Sofas and rugs; Chairs and tables, bars and stools for the office, folding tables; etc