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Summer, holidays and sunny days are associated with mornings and terrace evenings. However, a covered terrace or fitted with stoves can be a great option for any restaurant, cafe or bar during the winter. In DESKandSIT we have special terrace chairs so that your place can offer all the comforts at any time of the year.

Chairs of terrace for restaurants and bars

In the hospitality industry, the terraces play a fundamental role. Both in summer and in the colder months, customers like to enjoy the advantages they offer and the relaxed and relaxed atmosphere that is formed around them.

Check out our extensive catalogue of terrace chairs and know all the variants. And if you still do not have the terrace tables with which to accompany your chairs, discover them in our catalogue of terrace dining tables.

In DESKandSIT we have materials specially designed to withstand UV rays and the most adverse weather conditions so that if the tables and chairs of terrace and garden are going to remain outdoors, they can maintain their quality and practicality.


Some of the materials we use are aluminium, plastic, galvanized steel and, sometimes, a polyester powder coating whose purpose is not only decorative, but also protective.


If, on the other hand, you prefer or need to mount and dismantle the terrace, you must get our stackable chairs. Contrary to what one might believe, their materials are of high quality and have carefully designed lines.


We also have rattan garden chairs, which although they support less the difficulties, are ideal for outdoors where you want to create a tropical environment. We have this type of chairs in a variety of designs and bright colours.


Another classic product on the terraces are the classic metal garden chairs. They are also comfortable chairs for terraces, and thanks to their design of double tubular structure, despite their lightness, they are very resistant.


Plastic chairs are also increasingly popular in the furniture for the garden, there are plastic chairs for terrace design made of polypropylene, fiberglass, polycarbonate ... designed to create a distinguished and modern environment.

Visit our catalog and discover our outdoor furniture design.

Why buy terrace chairs in DESKandSIT?

In DESKandSIT we have years of experience that endorse us to offer our products and services with the guarantee of the best brands, materials and designs.

On the other hand, we have paint for exterior and painting for maritime areas in many of our articles, so that humidity or other weather conditions do not prevent its proper functioning.

In addition, we offer transport of furniture and advice for locals that seek a correct distribution in the space of our products in your restaurant, cafeteria or bar.