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Banquet furniture 

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Folding tables and chairs. All the necessary equipment to furnish and equip your banquets or events: folding tables, folding seats, high cocktail tables for standing dinners, folding stools, etc. We have a large number of references to be able to send the desired furniture immediately.In addition, it is important to mix this type of furniture with classic hotel furniture.

DESKandSIT offers you a wide range of cheap folding furniture: simple or designer, to organise a meal, an exam or any other event.... Here you can find the model you need at a low price. This means that you will be provided with quality interior equipment, while respecting the imposed budget.

The advantages of folding furniture

Round or rectangular plastic folding tables are the most practical model for your parties or receptions. It must be said that the models of folding furniture have many undeniable advantages for catering professionals or for your events...: lightweight, anti-UV, with a thick tray with rounded corners, ultra-resistant, reinforced structure under the tray. Need to equip your room for an event, organize receptions. Are you a professional? Foldable plastic, melamine, tilting, small, large, round, rectangular or even square furniture is ideal for your activities.

The products we sell are always subject to resistance constraints, we are concerned about quality, our community tables are designed for intensive use.

This indoor equipment offers real advantages for professionals who lack storage space. Because after use, simply fold your table to save a lot of space. Installation is also simplified since it is enough to unfold the folding table to prepare for the reception of guests and speakers.

Folding tables have many advantages. In addition to a small size once folded, they can be easily transported during a party. They can be assembled in a few seconds and their low weight makes them very practical. Just as resistant as traditional tables, they are as easy to maintain - all you have to do is rinse with water.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information on folding furniture.

When choosing folding furniture, ask yourself if it will be useful where you want to put it and if it will be stored when it is not used, because we have the transport trolleys...

Make sure that its size matches that of the other furniture in your room, do not hesitate to look in our catalogue. A folding table can accommodate a large number of people in a minimum of space. For example, a round table of 8 people is perfect for receptions or even a family meal.

You can complete your decoration with exterior lights that work with batteries and that you can put anywhere without worrying about electrical cables or connections.

You hesitate, you don't know which model is made for your use to best fit the use you need. Send us a form or call us at 902090785 for professional advice.