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  • 44,84 € 47,20 € -5% tax excl.

    Set JULIETA: 1 table and 2 chairs. For indoor and outdoor use. Injected with polypropylene. Stackable. UV protection.

    44,84 € 47,20 € -5%
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  • 71,50 € tax excl.

    Coat rack hanger wall natural wood beech natural or STOCKED in wood painted in different colors. 5 pieces of irregular cut from a single block. Find a way to hang it on the wall that suits you. All will be different. Its modularity allows the distribution to the taste of each one.

    71,50 €
  • 155,50 € tax excl.

    Coat hanger with shelf in wood and metal (in fun 4 colors). You can hang your clothes in the 4 wood hangers and you can use the shelf at the top for small objects (empty pockets, keys, etc.), or to place even a picture. Its flat top offers a large range of options. Manufactured in sheet metal and wood.

    155,50 €
  • 159,95 € tax excl.

    Coat hanger stand made of wood and metal, designed for environments contract, office or home. With details of the distance to THE MOON THE SUN MERCURY JUPITER.

    159,95 €
  • 21,35 € tax excl.

    Recycle office and desk in polypropylene very fun. Its base is spherical allows it to be in motion. Several colors available. Capacity of bin: 17 litres.

    21,35 €
    • 57,73 € 65,60 € -12% tax excl.

      Set of 2 or 4 chairs with a big table: Big rectangular children's table measures 73x58x48 cm children, colorful plastic, legs of various colors and table top on red, green, yellow or blue.

      57,73 € 65,60 € -12%
      • 49,95 € tax excl.

        Round children's table  measures diameter 70 x 48 cm, made in plasticwith 2 stools.

        49,95 €
        • 238,00 € tax excl.

          The ergonomic chair for excellence. Ringo chair is designed and thought for children. The chair that grows with your child, suitable for children to teenagers, from 110 to 160cm in height. By the movement of the backrest will adjust to: seat depth (to the back of the child is in contact with the chair) and the height of the backrest, (for which the...

          238,00 €
          • 427,19 € tax excl.

            Design table made ​​of curved glass designed by PLM Design. The table is made of tempered glass 12mm thickness. Made in one piece. Finishing transparent glass. For its extreme visual lightness, can fit into multiple environments. Ideal as a desk for your home office. The table is available in 2 sizes: 126x70cm and 160x80cm.

            427,19 €
          • 99,90 € tax excl.

            Versatile desk table with pedestal drawers. 138x60cm White melamine chipboard. Reversible desk estructure (the drawers can be fixed at both sides)

            99,90 €
          • 76,95 € 87,44 € -12% tax excl.

            Versatile desk table with 2 drawers mju2010001. 138x50cm  White bright melamine chipboard. Reversible desk estructure.

            76,95 € 87,44 € -12%
            Reduced price!
          • 29,99 € tax excl.

            Folding table BEAT TABLET. Use it for working, reading, writing, playing, watching movies, eating. You can use it as support for your iPad, netbook, laptop, e-book, DVD, books,drinks,etc.It allows you use it in multiple positions thanks to ist foldable legs, adjustable height and variable angles. Incorporates an adjustable 8 LED flexible lamp to...

            29,99 €
          • 149,55 € tax excl.

            A note of color in our work or study area. With Flax translucent colours take the leading role in an office chair that does not renounce ergonomic features. Furthermore, FLAX incorporates colour in its safe and reliable metallic base with rubber castors especially designed to protect surfaces.

            149,55 €
          • 80,95 € tax excl.

            Floor lamp in lacquered steel white pure or black or nickel-plated steel Measures: 163cm

            80,95 €
          • 66,07 € tax excl.

            Table lamp in white and black color. Perfect for desk.35 cms de diameter and height 56 cms. Home office: your ideal for desktop or your desk lamp. Practical, elegant and yet timeless.

            66,07 €

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