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Windbreakers and outdoor patio screens 

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    Courtain Lateral screen for sun umbrella. Side pannels for standard professional umbrellas. Protect your restaurant or bar from wind, sun and rain with this PVC courtains. These side pannels can be easily fixed to any aluminium structure umbrella.    

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      Screen for bar and restaurant. Screen 150cm ou 180cm tall. 2 widths available: 70 and 100cm wide. Aluminum structure of various colors with lacquered aluminum panels on the bottom and transparent acrylic top*.

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      Screen with flowerpots for bar and restaurant. Anodized aluminum in 3 colors in DRALON or methacrylate outdoor space divider. Screen 140cm tall. 2 widths available: 101 and 180cm wide.

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        Screen for bar and restaurant. Screen 170cm tall. 2 widths available: 150 and 200cm wide. Aluminum structure of various textilene colors. Possibility to customize the bar screen with logos .

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          A screen separator which makes the function of the windscreen. Structure of painted aluminium, base in painted steel, compact and transparent methacrylate. Outdoor use. 2 available measures:150cm wide x 150cm height, 180cm width x 150cm height, and 200cm wide x 150cm high; Product made-to-measure. Screen printing of logos optional.

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          Separator garden with light for contract facilities of hotel and office. Ideal product to separate the terrace from the sidewalk, or separate rooms in a room, hotel reception, offices, etc. Available in two options: lamp with cable and LED bulb or lamp with solar charge and USB with RGB LED bulb.

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          Patio textile screen or terraces of hospitality with aluminium structure painted and fabric textilene in several colors. The separator is used to give privacy to the tables and dislodge them from areas of step. The measures of the screen are: 190cm long; height 103cm.

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          Flower-pot Screen for bar and restaurant with laminated glass. 100x22cm.  Height with glass 136 cm (height without glass 91cm). 

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          Separator garden for contract facilities of hotel and office. Ideal product to separate the terrace from the sidewalk, or separate rooms in a room, hotel reception, offices, etc.

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          Wood flower pot - Screen highfor bar and restaurant. 100x24cm. 90cm height

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          Decorate the outside or inside of your home with a design lant and flower pots Jara, de 100cm; and 31x35cm. Available in white, black and taupe colors.

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          Rain gutter for parasol of 2 to 5 meters to place between 2 umbrellas so that collect rain water and move it towards one of the sides. The channel has a slight slope which facilitates the fall of the water.  The fabric prevents neither the rain nor the sun from entering between 2 parasols

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          Transparent hanging screen to protect your business or your offices Protection product for shops. Hanging partition that allows to separate the personnel and the product without hindering the vision of the same. Adapt solutions to make your workspace and commercial spaces safer.

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          Plastic Screen with a bottom opening to assist the public Protection product for shops. Plastic screen with lower opening to maintain social distance in your store or establishment open to the public. Adapt solutions to make your workspace and commercial spaces safer.

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          Bulkhead to counter with a bottom opening to assist the public Separators reception with a window for passage of documentation in areas that are exposed to the public such as bank offices, real estate, hotel lobbies, as well as any business that serve behind a counter as clinics, gyms, shops, etc

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        The windscreen terrace as we have in our catalog DESKandSIT, they are very useful to retain the comfort that must give you the terraces of restaurants, cafes, bars and other commercial establishments.

        Especially during periods of winter in which these spaces must be acclimate for clients to continue to feel comfortable, the windscreen for the terrace can be used together with other furnishings such as screens, sun shades, curtains, windscreens, among others.

        These can be very useful to maintain a pleasant climate in the terraces, no matter the time of year that you are protecting the customers from the ravages of heat or cold excessive.

        Advantages of buying patio screens for terrace

        The purchase of windbreakers for terrace can be extremely beneficial to the local in which there is a terrace, because they protect clients that have direct exposure to wind, sun or that can get very cold in the winter, being able to stand out for the following advantages:


        In our catalog of windscreens for terrace we have a variety of models, which have an excellent relation between quality and price, because these are some of the best brands existing in the market.

        There is a wide variety of prices, windscreen terrace, which will help you can choose the model that best fit the budget and features that you want to find in one of these protective elements.


        The windscreen for the terrace have been made with the best materials, which guarantee their resistance and durability when they are installed on the terraces in which they are to use.

        Our guests have at their disposal the best brands of windscreens for terrace market, with the purpose of you can choose the one that is of your preference and choose a model to meet your terraces and can give comfort to its customers, who can feel protected from the extreme weather conditions.


        In our on-line catalog of windscreens to terrace, we have a diversity of models in relation to the size. We have screens of different heights, from spacers boxes of 80cm of height to screens 180cm high. Or, for maximum protection, curtain 200cm of height to hang from theshade of the professional range of hospitality.The screens windscreens are modular – usually 1 to 2 meters long - and you can get close the deck perimeter by adding as many modules as necessary.

        This will facilitate the choice of a model that can be fit adequately into the space you want to cover. Using these windproof terrace, you will be able to keep protected the terrace or the place where employed.

        Where to buy windscreen for terraces?

        If you have decided to buy a windscreen terrace, in our online store DESKandSIT, you can have the best items to keep protected the terraces of your business and give your customers the warmth in which you want to perform.

        Get in contact with us and we will offer you the best alternatives in furniture for hospitality, office furniture or school furniture, answering each of your questions around our products.