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Side tables 

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  • 268,00 € tax excl. 324,28 € tax incl.

    Side table Bruno. Synthetic round rattan side table in grey colour with internal aluminium structure. Table top of 5 mm transparent tempered glass.

    268,00 €
    324,28 € tax incl.
  • 60,06 € tax excl. 72,67 € tax incl.

    Polypropylene stacking side table BOX URBAN  in white and black. For indoor and outdoor use. UV protection. Sold in boxes of 4.

    60,06 €
    72,67 € tax incl.
  • 72,33 € tax excl. 87,52 € tax incl.

    Terrace table from the Ipanema series, made of very resistant and durable resin, reinforced with fiberglass, in chocolate and white colors, measuring 92x53x45 cm. UV protection, which ensures that the color does not fade. Removable. For indoor and outdoor use.

    72,33 €
    87,52 € tax incl.
  • 32,22 € tax excl. 38,99 € tax incl.

    Design outdoor side table. High quality. 45x45 cm Made on injected in fiberglass with PP using gas assisted injection moulding technology. UV Protection. See also outdoor sofa set CLIKCLACK with armchair, sofa and side table.

    32,22 €
    38,99 € tax incl.
  • 134,50 € tax excl. 162,75 € tax incl.

    Large table from the CHILLOUT collection measuring 90x45cm and 34cm in height. Combine it with the sofas and loungers from the CHILL OUT collection.

    134,50 €
    162,75 € tax incl.
  • 48,75 € tax excl. 58,99 € tax incl.

    Side table with glass top that can be used both in the reception of an office, as in meeting rooms, etc. Its very light design adapts to any environment. Height 56cm. 50cm in diameter, with chromed steel base and glass table top.

    48,75 €
    58,99 € tax incl.
  • 96,95 € tax excl. 117,31 € tax incl.

    Occasional table 50cm in diameter and 54 cm of height. Base in ABS and glass. See pouf, stools, and high tables to play in the section of stools. Available in white and black.

    96,95 €
    117,31 € tax incl.
  • 104,19 € tax excl. 126,07 € tax incl.

    Give your home or office a modern and sophisticated air with the 3-unit set of nesting-style side tables, made of very resistant curved and tempered glass. Transparent finish. Ideal as a table centerpiece.

    104,19 €
    126,07 € tax incl.
  • 42,30 € tax excl. 51,18 € tax incl.

    Cube available in 2 sizes: 32x32cm and 43x43cm. Give yourself this PUF that in the dark you can light. It will be the feeling of all your parties! Available in two options: lamp with cable and LED bulb or lamp with solar charge and USB with RGB LED bulb.

    42,30 €
    51,18 € tax incl.
  • 239,09 € tax excl. 289,30 € tax incl.

    Heigth adjustable side table in glass with chrome frame.

    239,09 €
    289,30 € tax incl.
  • 47,90 € tax excl. 57,96 € tax incl.

    Round side table with top in white laquered MDF an base in varnished beech wood. Diameter 60cm. (also available in table 80cm and 110cm)

    47,90 €
    57,96 € tax incl.
  • 148,02 € tax excl. 179,10 € tax incl.

    Cast aluminum side table indoor and outdoor use . 52x46cm table top and height of 50 cm. 3 colors available.

    148,02 €
    179,10 € tax incl.
    • 319,00 € tax excl. 385,99 € tax incl.

      Vintage side table for interior ALLAG. Auxiliary table of 110x70cm. Structure of steel coated with industrial varnish or vintage paint, with solid wood boards of varnished pine. For indoor use. Thickness of the board of 40mm. Different prints available for the board.

      319,00 €
      385,99 € tax incl.
    • 39,95 € tax excl. 48,34 € tax incl.

      Design outdoor side table. High quality. 90x45 cm Made on injected in fiberglass with PP using gas assisted injection moulding technology. UV Protection. See also outdoor sofa set CLIKCLACK with armchair, sofa and side table. Available in e colors.

      39,95 €
      48,34 € tax incl.
    • 48,72 € 58,00 € -16% tax excl. 58,95 € tax incl.

      Side table with structured in black lacquered steel. Tray made of plastic mesh and black or white polyethylene threads and transparent tempered crystal panel

      48,72 € 58,00 € -16%
      58,95 € tax incl.
      Reduced price!

    Extensive catalog of side tables to complete the design of your premises, bar, restaurant or business. Tables for use in different areas: tables for waiting rooms, coffee tables for sofa area, tables to accompany puffs in areas informale type chilloout, etc. Tables for hotel and contract. 

    Everything you need for your restaurants or business. Aluminum stools of classic and modern design. Furniture in different materials to adapt to different styles of interior design: aged vintage tables and stools with retro designaluminumlacquered wood, etc. 

    Find among our proposals the product that is in accordance with the design and characteristics of your premises. Side tables are usually small and can be placed near other furniture or other spaces to have useful objects (a lamp, clock, books, etc.) at hand. 

    A side table can be categorized according to its properties such as style, manufacturing material or function. 

    More than just a side table 

    In addition to storing small objects, it can be used for several special activities. It can be designed to support a laptop computer or to eat in front of a television, to rest your feet or even simply to put a flower pot. It can be more or less long and thus allow several activities to be carried out at the same time. It can even be used as an additional seat. 


    A side table can be designed for indoor or outdoor use, and can be foldable or mobile. In public or commercial spaces such as bars, hotels or libraries, it can be placed near a seat to provide space for drinks, board games or even personal effects. 

    Available in many different styles, side tables can take many different shapes from the table with design and simple lines to the simple solid wood block. They can be made of rattan, wood, plastic, steel or even glass. 

    If you have any doubts, please contact us! 

    When choosing the side table, ask yourself if it will be useful where you want to put it and if it will be stored when not in use. 

    Make sure that its style adapts to that of the other furniture in your establishment, do not hesitate to look in our catalogue. A side table can give character to a space. For example, a wooden side table with natural lines leaves the space with a spirit of nature and conviviality, and can therefore create an interesting visual effect. 

    Finally, if you would like to find out more about our side tables before you buy them, please fill in our form or call us on 902 090 785. We will be delighted to help you.