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Umbrellas for terraces 

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    Courtain Lateral screen for sun umbrella. Side pannels for standard professional umbrellas. Protect your restaurant or bar from wind, sun and rain with this PVC courtains. These side pannels can be easily fixed to any aluminium structure umbrella.    

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      Rain gutter for parasol of 2 to 5 meters to place between 2 umbrellas so that collect rain water and move it towards one of the sides. The channel has a slight slope which facilitates the fall of the water.  The fabric prevents neither the rain nor the sun from entering between 2 parasols

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      Kit of 4 quality strips of led lights for hospitality parasol available with plug connection or with rechargeable battery.

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      HD series formed by a 2x3m rectangular sunshade with all the accessories to adapt the terrace of your premises: parasol in raw polyester fabric or acrylic fabric (colors to choose), which can be mounted as an option the gutter channel to place between parasols.  

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      HD series formed by a 3x3m square sunshade with all the accessories to adapt the terrace of your premises: parasol in raw polyester fabric or acrylic fabric (colors to choose), which can be mounted as an option the gutter channel to place between parasols.

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      3x3 m CONTRACT parasol lateral mast FLEXO available with structure (mast and rods) - aluminium painted in white or dark grey. Measures: 3x3m. Tube of 65mm diameter. Manufactured in Spain with ACRYLIC fabric, available in various colors. Comes with foot crosshead. Cement-based of 100kg opcional no included.

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      Powder-coated aluminium square umbrella in different colors, 3x3 m. With aluminium frame and ribs; 20x35mm. Sun umbrella with crank system. Pole 71x71mm . Fabric: Waterproof polyester or masacril (acrilic) weight 300 g/m2. Option: courtains for wind stop.    

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        Square 4x4 m spray painted aluminium parasol in white for professional use. Grooved aluminium mast of one sole piece with diameter 780 mm and thickness of 2.5 mm. 8 aluminium rods 22x35 mm with a 1.5 mm thickness. Injected aluminium hub and runner. 300 g/m2 polyester cloth without "flap", with fireplace and with impermeability treatment.  Includes...

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        TOP MASTER square parasol 4x4m with all the accessories to adapt the terrace of your place: parasol in raw polyester fabric or acrylic fabric (colors to choose), which can be mounted as an option the side curtains and the channel for collect water (to place between parasols).    

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        TOP CONTRACT GIANT square parasol 5x5m in raw polyester fabric or acrylic fabric (colors to choose) with fix base included. Opening with crank and rods with double reinforcement in the joints. Base to attach to the floor included. Base to fix to the included floor (fixation in surface).    

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         2x2m  white laquered aluminum structure. Waterproof polyester weight 220 g/m2.    

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        Diam 2m Parasol round aluminum olefín sand color (let go of the water, high durability). Bases available as an option. Manufactured in Spain with fabric OLEFÍN of 190gr in 14 available colors or polyester raw water repellent. Mast tilt.

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        Contract series of quality parasols for professional use (on terraces of bars, restaurants and swimming pools) and on private terraces. 2m diameter round aluminum parasol to adapt the terrace of your premises, bar or restaurant. Parasol in ecru textilene fabric without ruffle. Need help? Request a quote.

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        Round tilt umbrella, 2m in diameter to adapt the terrace of your premises, bar or restaurant: parasol in raw polyester fabric. See optional matching base. White aluminum mast.

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        Parasol in aluminium 2x2 meters in sand color. the parasol is offered in sand color, but can be ordered in wide range of colors. Bases available as an option. Manufactured in Spain with fabric OLEFÍN of 190gr in 14 available colors. With or without a steering wheel.

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      Having a terrace for your restaurant or cafe is essential if we seek to offer a quality service to the customers. DESKandSIT will give you the opportunity to create a terrace with its own style in both summer as in winter, thanks to our umbrellas for decks.

      Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in our catalog: a parasol rectangular for garden, offers sun umbrellas for decks, umbrella waterproof for terrace or parasols design. All in a wide variety of colours, with the possibility of choosing the base and masts, in the centre or on the side.  Play with the combinations and customize your deck with economic shade.

      Types of terrace Umbrellas

      Depending on the size:

      - The size of the umbrella is the main reason for choosing one sun visor or another.

      The sunshades for terraces to medium sized are a great option, as they cover the sizes most in demand, measures between 3 and 4 meters in width and length.

      - However, if you do not have a large space on the terrace of your restaurant or coffee shop, umbrellas for decks that you will choose are those that are between 2 and 3 meters in length. And if you prefer umbrellas of big dimensions, in our catalog reaches 5 meters.

      According to the form:

      - It is more and more common to find parasols for terraces, restaurants, in square or rectangular shapes because it is easier to place them without any space between them. Another advantage is the ease of placing a spinal canal (gutter).

      - However, if you are looking to buy a parasol for garden with charm, the best are round. In our catalogue you can find them in different sizes and colors to give a vintage style.

      According to the materials:

      - The most common because of their resistance are the parasols with mast, bars and rods of aluminium, but if you want to stand out from the competition and offer a rustic or zen, parasols, wooden garden are the best option.

      - As far as the umbrella material is concerned, we offer polyester to repel rainwater and also acrylic fabric. All this in a variety of colours, including white, raw and grey.

      To complete the package, we have different basic proposalsfor each of the umbrellas in our catalogue. This mode is adapted to the weight and shape of the hoodand ensures the stability and supply of the unit.

      We offer: cement bases, metal bases, bases fixed to the floor and recessed cemented.

      In addition, it is very likely that you will need the curtains windscreens of 2, 3 and 4 metres, ideal along with the heaters exterior to be able to enable your deck in the colder months. And for the months of heat, fan evaporative.

      Our other products are: the channel verteaguas, the sleeve for sun visors and the steering wheel side.

      In DESKandSIT design the Umbrellas for terrace

      The sunshades for terraces of our catalog to offer the possibility to be customized from the unit, under budget.

      The garden or terrace will be completely to your taste and will advise customers of the place in which they find themselves, thanks to the possibility of adding the logo or name of your company.

      Call or contact us if you wish to purchase sunshades for terraces in DESKandSIT. We will inform you of the advantages of our shipping terms, and payment methods.

      Trust the design and ergonomics of its terrace to the experts in the hospitality industry and buy umbrellas online from our website.