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    Sunlonguers and umbrellas 

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    • 131,44 € 164,30 € -20% tax excl. 159,04 € tax incl.

      PUFF CHAIR convertible in Sun longuer for chill out environments. Is easily opened through the buckles. You can enjoy 2 furniture in one: minimum space when you close it as chair or puff.

      131,44 € 164,30 € -20%
      159,04 € tax incl.
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    • 60,40 € tax excl. 73,08 € tax incl.

      Folding Wood hammock chair. Natural vernished wood. Please ask for no vernish wood or walnut wood color or cherry wood color. Plese select canvas color.

      60,40 €
      73,08 € tax incl.
    • 147,70 € tax excl. 178,72 € tax incl.

      Aluminium stackable outdoor lounge in colors suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Collection made of aluminum coated in polyester (powder coated). Ideal for contract.

      147,70 €
      178,72 € tax incl.
      • 161,57 € tax excl. 195,50 € tax incl.

        Stackable sunlounger. Five position reclining sunlounger. Hidden wheels and antislippery rubbers. Made of very strong and durable resin. UV protection, which ensures that the color does not to fade. For outdoor use. Accessory: Polyester cushion 5 cm thickness in brown beige colour.

        161,57 €
        195,50 € tax incl.
      • 29,49 € tax excl. 35,68 € tax incl.

        Terrace side table. It belongs to the IPANEMA hotel furniture series. Made of very resistant and durable resin, in chocolate and white color, it can be combined with the IPANEMA, TROPIC, ESTURIL and ALGARVE series. Table measures 45x45x45 cm . UV protection, which ensures that the color does not fade. Removable. For indoor and outdoor use.

        29,49 €
        35,68 € tax incl.
        • 60,16 € tax excl. 72,79 € tax incl.

          Terrace table from the Ipanema series, made of very resistant and durable resin, reinforced with fiberglass, in chocolate and white colors, measuring 92x53x45 cm. UV protection, which ensures that the color does not fade. Removable. For indoor and outdoor use.

          60,16 €
          72,79 € tax incl.
        • 228,42 € tax excl. 276,39 € tax incl.

          Powder-coated aluminium sunlounger in light grey. Black texthilene. Trimming of tropical wood. 22 cm wheels of rubber covered aluminium. 5 positions. For outdoor use. See also CUBIC armchair and CUBIC side table.

          228,42 €
          276,39 € tax incl.
        • 228,45 € tax excl. 276,43 € tax incl.

          Aluminum deck chair painted in white, with white texthilene.22 cm aluminum wheels covered with rubber. It has 5 positions. For outdoor use. Sold in a batch of 2 units (unit price). 

          228,45 €
          276,43 € tax incl.
        • 81,16 € tax excl. 98,21 € tax incl.

          CUBIC Powder-coated aluminium auxiliary table in light grey. For outdoor use. See also CUBIC sunlounger and CUBIC armchair.   

          81,16 €
          98,21 € tax incl.
        • 156,60 € tax excl. 189,49 € tax incl.

          Sunlounger in dark gray spray painted aluminum, with light gray texthilene. Reclining in 6 positions, which allows greater comfort. For indoor and outdoor use in gardens and swimming pools.

          156,60 €
          189,49 € tax incl.
        • 162,86 € tax excl. 197,07 € tax incl.

          Sunlounger with current lines and contemporary design. Sunlounger with structure in resin reinforced with fiberglass and breathable textilene (replaceable, we have spare parts). Stackable, reclining in 5 positions, with non-slip studs and small wheels. 3 colors available. The loungers are delivered in boxes of 2 units. Buy even number. 

          162,86 €
          197,07 € tax incl.
        • 49,55 € tax excl. 59,95 € tax incl.

          Very comfortable sun lounger, large in size with armrests and 5 backrest positions. The lounger is stackable. The structure is made of polypropylene and is available in white, green and anthracite. Perfect value for money, to enjoy the sun on terraces and gardens.

          49,55 €
          59,95 € tax incl.
        • 100,79 € tax excl. 121,96 € tax incl.

          Stackable sunlounger. Polypropylene and glass fibre with frame. Texthilene. Wheels. Five-position reclining sunlounger.

          100,79 €
          121,96 € tax incl.
        • 10,95 € tax excl. 13,25 € tax incl.

          Low table in resin, stackable, white. Side table outdoor ideal for use in swimming pools, beaches and gardens. See the sun loungers to the game. Discount from 6 units.

          10,95 €
          13,25 € tax incl.
        • 122,00 € tax excl. 147,62 € tax incl.

          Buy the sun lounger with the best value for money on the market. If you need sun loungers for campsites, hotels, municipal swimming pools or sports centers do not hesitate. This lounger is suitable. Stackable sun lounger in white with coasters, wheels at the back and U.V protection. Very comfortable fabric in heat-welded texthilene. Reclining in 4...

          122,00 €
          147,62 € tax incl.
        Sunlonguers and umbrellas