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Coat stands and bins 

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  • 24,95 € tax excl. 30,19 € tax incl.

    Metallic Coat wall racks collection painted in grey epoxy. Different sizes and availablein 3, 4 and 6 hangers. Ideal for the world of office or the habitat.

    24,95 €
    30,19 € tax incl.
  • 30,30 € tax excl. 36,66 € tax incl.

    Metallic Coat wall racks collection painted in white. Different sizes and availablein 3, 4 and 6 hangers. Ideal for the world of office or the habitat.

    30,30 €
    36,66 € tax incl.
  • 69,55 € tax excl. 84,16 € tax incl.

    Metallic wall Rack with shelf collection painted in grey epoxy. With 6 hangers. Ideal for the world of office or the habitat.

    69,55 €
    84,16 € tax incl.
  • 179,95 € tax excl. 217,74 € tax incl.

    Coat hanger with shelf in wood and metal (in fun 4 colors). You can hang your clothes in the 4 wood hangers and you can use the shelf at the top for small objects (empty pockets, keys, etc.), or to place even a picture. Its flat top offers a large range of options. Manufactured in sheet metal and wood.

    179,95 €
    217,74 € tax incl.
  • 81,95 € tax excl. 99,16 € tax incl.

    Coat rack hanger wall natural wood beech natural or STOCKED in wood painted in different colors. 5 pieces of irregular cut from a single block. Find a way to hang it on the wall that suits you. All will be different. Its modularity allows the distribution to the taste of each one.

    81,95 €
    99,16 € tax incl.
  • 99,99 € tax excl. 120,99 € tax incl.

    Coat rack design with forms neutral combined with the modern colors. The garment rack can be used both in the field of home facilities, and contract. The rack is supplied in white with the hooks available in various colors.

    99,99 €
    120,99 € tax incl.
  • 46,45 € tax excl. 56,20 € tax incl.

    School Coat Hooks: Metal coat rack for school with 8 hooks. Stratified hanger with 8 hangers chromed rod. Chrome frame and laminate finish colors L-138, L302, L-412, L-416. Measures 101.5x15 cm

    46,45 €
    56,20 € tax incl.
  • 38,75 € tax excl. 46,89 € tax incl.

    Color school Coat Rack with 8 double hooks Stratified hanger with 8 hooks polypropylene colors. Structure finish laminate colors L-138. Measures 101.5x15 cm

    38,75 €
    46,89 € tax incl.
  • 182,45 € tax excl. 220,76 € tax incl.

    Coat hanger stand made of wood and metal, designed for environments contract, office or home. With details of the distance to THE MOON THE SUN MERCURY JUPITER.

    182,45 €
    220,76 € tax incl.
  • 175,95 € tax excl. 212,90 € tax incl.

    Clothes rack with wheels. Wall coat-hanger with hanging rod for hangers and lower tray for bags and helmets included.  

    175,95 €
    212,90 € tax incl.
  • 196,76 € tax excl. 238,08 € tax incl.

    Clothes rack with wheels. Stainless steel tube.

    196,76 €
    238,08 € tax incl.
  • 16,95 € tax excl. 20,51 € tax incl.

    Smooth metal wastebaskets Range epoxy painted, fitted with PVC bottom ring. Available in 12, 16 and 27 litters. Standard colour grey RAL 7035, white and black. Ask us for a special colour.

    16,95 €
    20,51 € tax incl.
    • 24,95 € tax excl. 30,19 € tax incl.

      Recycle office and desk in polypropylene very fun. Its base is spherical allows it to be in motion. Several colors available. Capacity of bin: 17 litres.

      24,95 €
      30,19 € tax incl.
      • 45,00 € tax excl. 54,45 € tax incl.

        Modesty panel for M4 / NEMO / SAND esks. Made ​​on 19mm thickness chipboard.

        45,00 €
        54,45 € tax incl.
      • 50,90 € tax excl. 61,59 € tax incl.

        Screen for M4 and QUO desks. Made ​​on 19mm thickness chipboard.

        50,90 €
        61,59 € tax incl.

      Our selection of office and contract accessories for you.

      We must not forget the small details in an office. These details, such as bins and coat racks, will help complete your workspace and make it practical.

      Sometimes, these complements are the forgotten ones, and until the work is finished, nobody remembers them. But we must give the importance they deserve. 

      We have selected a set of products from a wide range of finishes, materials and prices in order to find the most suitable product for each office.

      The star accessories: The racks

      The indispensable complement that cannot be left aside. Every worker or visit of your company will use the coat rack, so we must pay special attention to its design - it is important that it suits the general style of the office - and above all, its capacity. Who has not encountered a coat rack full of jackets? We all know the discomfort of not being able to place yours comfortably.

      It may be one of the pieces with more variety of options and designs, starting with the type of coat rack: standing or wall racks. But also the materials are very varied, having wooden coat racks or metal coat racks. Similarly, coat hangers with top shelf are very useful, so you can empty your pockets or leave bags and that they do not stay on the floor.

      And from the coat racks, we can go to the bins:

      Although sometimes they are invisible to everyone, they can never be missing. We have to think about how many wastebaskets are needed, at what point they should be placed and what capacity these wastebaskets should have: a wastebasket from a job is very different than one distributed to 4 jobs. Or even more, the trash can located next to the coffee maker, where everyone ends up throwing away not only the coffee glasses, but also breakfast packaging, etc. Sometimes, it is convenient that these bins have a lid to hide the trash and keep an order.

      Other essential accessories

      But there are other accessories that are needed in an office, such as signs, dividers for office tables or sound-absorbing acoustic panels, blackboards or cork boards for offices and schools, etc. 

      In this case, it is clear that the details that do count, therefore, we have in our online catalog a large selection of products and accessories for office and home. Get the most out of your office furniture by or office complimenting them properly. Standing coat racks, wall-mounted wall racks, coat racks of different designs and materials.