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    Examples of such facilities and cafes where images of real cafes  

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    How to furnish my cafeteria, bar or restaurant?

    We are going to start a new adventure. We are going to open our new restaurant, cafe or bar and we want everything to be perfect.

    In the market we find an infinite variety of products: different styles, variety of designs, lots of materials and a huge range of prices. We are specialists in interior and terrace design and decoration of cafes and bars. Therefore, we will help you throughout the process to create or renovate your restaurant.

    Since we know that the choice of hospitality furniture and terrace equipment is very difficult, we have made a selection of products to facilitate this task: In our catalog we have all the furniture necessary to equip or renovate the room and terrace of your premises , classifying all the products by type of product:

    Starting with the tables for bars and the chairs for cafeterias, giving them the importance they deserve, we have a catalog with hundreds of possibilities. In our catalog you will find the products (tables, chairs, parasols, screens, heaters, stools, etc.) ordered by relevance, finding the most popular products first. But each of the sections can be ordered by price. These 2 searches (relevance and price) being the most common.

    Here we propose some images as an example, but really the variety and possibilities of combining products to decorate the terrace are almost endless.

    The selection of the tables may be one of the most complicated. You should think about what type of base is needed: Tables with central feet to improve the ergonomics of our client and that the table feet do not interfere with the placement of diners or stackable tables for the terrace. Tables with a central base with a folding table are also very useful. A 2 for 1 of the most practical.

    Once the type of structure has been chosen, you will have to choose the size of the tables to suit the room and, of course, the material. Although the budget may condition some of these decisions, in our table catalog you will find tables of different styles, shapes, bases and prices. 

    And how do we choose the cafeteria chair?

    Surely, the chair is the product of your store that has the most impact on the customer. The tables are dressed, in many cases, with tablecloths, but the chair is always in sight and, most importantly, in direct contact with the client. The chair must be comfortable so that the client feels comfortable. The materials and colors of the cafeteria and restaurant chairs must be chosen according to the aesthetics that you want to give to the premises. In any case, comfort for the client and practicality for room workers must be ensured: do we need stackable terrace chairs? In this case, we look at the weight of the chair to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the room or terrace. Do we have a small space? Let's find a narrow chair. Do we want to give a modern touch? Let's combine designs or colors in the same room or terrace. In our catalog you will find countless combinations.

    And how do I complete my terrace with dividers, screens and parasols?

    We all know that the terrace is essential to attract customers to the interior of our premises. The terrace must have a very careful appearance and, above all, it must be consistent with the rest of the premises. For this reason, we even have models of chairs and tables that can be used both indoors and outdoors. But most importantly: the selection of parasols and other elements such as dividers, pots, planters or screens for hospitality will determine the aesthetics of the terrace.

    Large parasols are a must. They allow having a large area where tables and chairs can be placed without the hassle of the masts (the larger the parasols, the fewer number of masts and the easier it is to place tables on the terrace). But not only that: the large parasols give the terraces of the cafeterias and restaurants that quality aspect that we want to transmit to our clients, moving away from the aesthetics of the small advertising parasols.

    Of course, we also have small parasols to adapt any terrace. Small parasols are ideal in areas where you cannot fix the parasols to the ground, or if you want to put a parasol on a table, such as in pool bars or even for beach loungers, etc.

    Examples of bar and cafe facilities

    If you need ideas, do not hesitate to browse our catalog, where you will find many images with examples of facilities and cafeteria types where images of real cafeterias are related to product proposals (chairs, tables and stools) that fit in style to help you decorate your new business or renovate or update your premises.