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Home office furniture 

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  • Are you one of those who love to have a desktop-to-measure? You've come to the right place. Let your imagination be the limit and creates a personalized space for study, work or spend time. With the desktops online and trestles that we offer in our online store, you'll convert your room in places with aesthetic, unrivalled and personal.

    We have all the materials, trestles, and desks online that you need

    Have you seen a desk online that has you enthralled and you don't know where to find it? It is because it is custom. The special thing about these styles is that the mixtures of materials are endless. Are you the one that surprise your guests when you conceive a work of art to place your computer.

    Are you one of those who like to innovate? Change your old and boring living room to rest with one of our desks online. Mix our durable trestles made of wood with glass tables. Generates a change of aesthetic paradigm by combining ridges, triangular with round tables. The best thing of all is that everything is here at prices irresistible.

    The comfort is also important when purchasing desktops online customizable. For this reason, we have several measures of trestles fixed or adjustable in height. However, if you don't have extra space in your room you'll also find folding trestles, versatile and very durable.

    Doyou enjoy painting your desktops rustic cheap? In our online shop we sell tables of raw wood that is painted with ease with the colors that you want. In addition, we have boards agglomerates melamínicos, loose or envelopes of tempered glass secured. But that is not all.

    The best designs of desks youth or professionals online

    When it comes to decorating the design features and much. Do you want a desk top, cheap white? Does a study desk with floating structure? Do you or a desk with built-in library? All you'll be able to find them in the Desk and Sit.

    Imagine getting out of your work and place your next schedule on a board with drawers, shelves and a huge area of work. A conference in your office in a square but inclusive modular table or receive an employee on an innovative plank double glass.

    Buy desktops online at a Desk and Sit

    We have created a unique catalog, desktop for sale online with excellent quality standards. We support the talent of national and almost all of the products offered from companies with labor Spanish.

    Don't be satisfied with just changing your desktop online. In our shop you will also find furniture for hospitality, office or school, as well as lamps, chairs, shelves and more. On Desk and Sit we want you to have the comfort at prices that fit all budgets.

  • Shelves, cabinets and storage furniture for home, home office and offices.

  • Desktop and desk lamps. Catalog designed for desktop and desk lamps. Find the lamp that fits your style by design, by characteristics of light, color, measurements, etc.

    Give the missing touch to your study, desk lamps, used to light the work area properly. Thus, the view works better and not fatigue.

    Led lamps and traditional bulb. Of different sizes, with adjustable intensity, etc.

Home Office. Selection of desks, tables and swivel chairs for the office computer at home. Products adapted by size and characteristics to the needs of creating a home office. Increasingly, professionals opt for telework. What better coworking your home. In this section, you will find products that adapt to this environment. The measures tend to be smaller, we propose writing desks of small dimensions, but without losing benefits. warmer designs in terms of finishes and even glass envelopes are very light in sight and allow you to place the office in the corner without breaking the home environment. If space is available, they can be combined with the furniture section office, where a large number of accessories such as cable glands and file to have the orderly environment and create a pleasant work space.