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  • Are you one of those who love to have a desktop-to-measure? You've come to the right place. Let your imagination be the limit and creates a personalized space for study, work or spend time. With the desktops online and trestles that we offer in our online store, you'll convert your room in places with aesthetic, unrivalled and personal.

    We have all the materials, trestles, and desks online that you need

    Have you seen a desk online that has you enthralled and you don't know where to find it? It is because it is custom. The special thing about these styles is that the mixtures of materials are endless. Are you the one that surprise your guests when you conceive a work of art to place your computer.

    Are you one of those who like to innovate? Change your old and boring living room to rest with one of our desks online. Mix our durable trestles made of wood with glass tables. Generates a change of aesthetic paradigm by combining ridges, triangular with round tables. The best thing of all is that everything is here at prices irresistible.

    The comfort is also important when purchasing desktops online customizable. For this reason, we have several measures of trestles fixed or adjustable in height. However, if you don't have extra space in your room you'll also find folding trestles, versatile and very durable.

    Doyou enjoy painting your desktops rustic cheap? In our online shop we sell tables of raw wood that is painted with ease with the colors that you want. In addition, we have boards agglomerates melamínicos, loose or envelopes of tempered glass secured. But that is not all.

    The best designs of desks youth or professionals online

    When it comes to decorating the design features and much. Do you want a desk top, cheap white? Does a study desk with floating structure? Do you or a desk with built-in library? All you'll be able to find them in the Desk and Sit.

    Imagine getting out of your work and place your next schedule on a board with drawers, shelves and a huge area of work. A conference in your office in a square but inclusive modular table or receive an employee on an innovative plank double glass.

    Buy desktops online at a Desk and Sit

    We have created a unique catalog, desktop for sale online with excellent quality standards. We support the talent of national and almost all of the products offered from companies with labor Spanish.

    Don't be satisfied with just changing your desktop online. In our shop you will also find furniture for hospitality, office or school, as well as lamps, chairs, shelves and more. On Desk and Sit we want you to have the comfort at prices that fit all budgets.

  • The comfort of children is one of the main concerns of parents, so use chairs for youth desk, can help them to carry out their school, college or university tasks, feeling willing to learn and maintaining a proper posture

    The chairs for youth desk like the ones we have in our extensive catalog DESKandSIT, have excellent features that will allow those who use them to feel at ease, which will be very beneficial because it will allow them to study in a more enjoyable and comfortable way.

    Advantages of buying quality youth desk chairs Youth desk

    chairs can be very favorable furniture, especially for those who usually use them for long hours to do their academic work, so that the best option is to buy one, because It can offer you the following advantages:

    ✅  Economy

    The youth desk chairs that we have in our online catalog, have a great value, given that they are furniture of excellent brands and with specifications that provide the guarantee that our customers will have Frontline products

    In addition, we have a variety of prices, so that our customers can choose the model of chairs that best suits their budget.

    ✅  Quality

    Our youth desk chairs are of the best brands in the market and have been made with excellent materials, which guarantee their durability for a long time. 

    Also, when these furniture are used, they can give you a lot of comfort, helping people maintain a better posture to study.

    ✅  Variety

    In our catalog, we have a wide variety of youth desk chairs, so that our clients can choose the one that has the characteristics that best suit their needs.

    We have different models of desk chairs for youth that are swivel and can be adjusted to the physical conditions of the person using it, so that it can keep your back supported all the time and not suffer any type of injury.

    ✅  Ergonomics

    Some of the models of youth study chairs that we have in our catalog, have been designed with ergonomic characteristics, because they are based on the physical and psychological needs of those who are going to use them, which makes them a great option to facilitate learning processes.   

    Where to buy study chairs for youth desk?

    If you want to buy chairs for youth desk or other types of school or office furniture such as office tables, blackboards, filing cabinets, school tables and desks, among others, at DESKandSIT, we have a variety of models for you. 

    Visit our website and if you want to know more about our different products, contact us and we will offer you a totally personalized advice, answering each one of your questions and concerns.
  • If you want your children to feel comfortable at home and used furniture to suit each of their needs,there is nothing better than buying a few tables and chairs for children developed with the basis of criteria of ergonomics and quality that safeguard at all times their wellbeing, allowing them to maintain proper posture.

    The tables and chairs for children that we have for sale in our online catalog of DESKandSIT, have been created with a few original designs that have been designed for the little ones of the house feel at ease.

    Advantages of buying tables and chairs for children

    Buy tables and chairs for children as that we have available, it may be advantageous for the following reasons:


    If you want to buy tables and chairs for children wood and other fine materials when you purchase any of the products in our catalog, you can choose the furniture that best fit your budget.

    The parts and materials that are made these chairs and tables have a very good relationship between quality and price, so regardless of its cost, there is always the possibility of finding wonderful deals on this type of children's furniture.


    Our tables and chairs for children have been made with materials of excellent quality, which ensures that your little ones will have children's furniture resistant that can be used day to day without you to worry about its wear and tear.


    The chairs and tables for children are different sizes and colors for you to choose those that are best suited to the needs of the home space, where you are going to place.

    But, besides this, the best thing is that you can use in different spaces of the home such as the kitchen, guest rooms, study lounges, among others, without worry, because these are easily disabled.


    The chairs and tables of children that we have for sale in our catalog have been developed with the security measures stipulated in the approval of this type of product, so you should not worry about it.

    In this sense, these children's furniture represent a guarantee that these guys will be able to use them without your health may be affected because of bodily injury or problems in the posture. This type of furniture has designs that also give comfort to children, have been especially created for the care of your health.

    Where to buy tables and chairs for children?

    If you're looking for tables and chairs for children that meet each of your expectations in function of their quality and ergonomics, our designs have been created for the same combination, you can get pieces made with special care and a excellent price in the market.

    Visit us at DESKandSIT and get to know the children's furniture along with other furniture and accessories that may be useful for your small chairs for desk youth, bookshelves or desk lamps, among others.

  • Shelves, cabinets and storage furniture for home, home office and offices.

  • Table lamps allow adequate lighting of the work area. In this way the eyesight works better and does not tire. What are you waiting to update yours?

    Desk and table lamps.

    We present our catalog with the selection of the best lamps designed for the desk and office. Find the lamp that fits your style by design, by light characteristics, by color, by measurements, etc. 

    Give the missing touch to your study table or your office.

    Choose from the lamps in our catalog where we have: Led lamps, traditional bulb lamps. Different sizes, with adjustable intensity, etc.

    Why buy your desk furniture at DESKandSIT?

    At DESKandSIT we are specialists in desks and that is why we offer you a wide selection of products for home office, youth desks, etc. Check our section of desk chairs, shows section of youth desks and shelves. But if what you need is a real office, do not forget that have our section of furniture for professionaloffice,where you can find a myriad of products such as office desks, meeting tables, counters for reception, ergonomic chairs and file cabinets as metal cabinets and drawers.

Desks: Computer tables and chairs. Home Office Furniture

It is fashionable to work from home... but in reality we have always done it. The difference is that now, it is fashionable to have an office in that corner. No more working on the living room or kitchen table and having papers anywhere. Increasingly, professionals are betting on teleworking and what better coworking than your home ?.

Whether you are ateenager who needs a space to study, or if you are an executive who works sporadically from home, what better than having your own space. A place where you can have your things and be able to store books, be able to plug in the computer comfortably and have a work surface that you do not have to share with children's breakfasts or any other family activity.

Still, we are all aware that few people can afford to have a room in the house for an office or study room. With a little luck, the children or the youngest of the house will have space in their room to be able to place a desk, but what about the older ones? 

Set up your office at home. A luxury available to everyone.

Having an extra room for an office is almost a luxury. If you are one of the lucky ones, congratulations. You can choose from an infinity of proposals, both desks from the home range (which are characterized by their small dimensions), and desks from the office range. If you have space, what better than a table with a wing, a drawer and a closet or shelf so that once you finish working you can store everything inside and the space is collected. 

But if you don't have that extra room, don't worry. We have many tables and desk models from the home range that, as we have said, are small. They are products that adapt by measure and characteristics to the needs of creating an office at home.

In this way, you will surely find in our wide collection of desks and computer tables the desk you are looking to place in that corner, in the hall, under the window or in that space in the room that you like so much. In our collection of desks you will find compact desks with drawers or desk with shelving integrated. And the most, console tables that open when you need them and close them when you don't use it. In this way, you can place it in any corner. With these pieces of furniture the space is used to the maximum with very economic and modern designs. 

The easel desk: the queen of the Home Office or Home Office

Yes, in the catalog we have many models of tables for you to find your desk, but we cannot forget the star model, the top seller of desks: the table easel desk.

have several models of racks, different designs and materials: metal trestles, fixed wooden or folding wooden trestles, height adjustable wooden trestles, trestles to mount a high table or slanted work.  Trestles with 2 levels to be able to place 2 boards... You don't know which table you want? Don't worry, come in now and select a desk from our catalog.

In general, the tables and desks for home have warmer designs in terms of finishes and even glass envelopes that are very light to the eye and allow the office to be placed in that corner without breaking the atmosphere of the home.

Everything you need for your office: table, chair and lamp. The ideal kit.

To set up an office or a study area at home you need more than just a desk. Get your perfect work area by completing the table with a good swivel chair that allows you to spend the hours you need, as well as a flexo or table lamp and, if you have space, a shelf to store things.

Why should I buy my desk furniture at DESKandSIT?

It is true, tables, chairs and desk lamps can be found everywhere, yes, but where we can really advise you is here, since we work the entire range of office tables and complete desk. In this way, we can recommend you on which computer or study table you need. We have from children's tables (tables and chairs) for young children, to the office table for executives, through desks for children, study tables for teenagers and offices and computer tables. You will not find such a variety of desks anywhere else.

Similarly, in the Home Office section, you will find a selection of swivel chairs, but if you plan to spend 8 hours a day sitting in your new office in front of the computer, you can also see our catalog of swivel office chairs or even the collection of ergonomic chairs where you will find the best chairs on the market.

Contact us if you have any doubts: we will advise you on how to choose the desk.

If you have any doubts when choosing the furniture for your office, contact us by email, chat or telephone and we will advise you.