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Sun loungers  

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  • 49,55 € tax excl. 59,95 € tax incl.

    Very comfortable sun lounger, large in size with armrests and 5 backrest positions. The lounger is stackable. The structure is made of polypropylene and is available in white, green and anthracite. Perfect value for money, to enjoy the sun on terraces and gardens.

    49,55 €
    59,95 € tax incl.
  • 100,79 € tax excl. 121,96 € tax incl.

    Stackable sunlounger. Polypropylene and glass fibre with frame. Texthilene. Wheels. Five-position reclining sunlounger.

    100,79 €
    121,96 € tax incl.
  • 10,95 € tax excl. 13,25 € tax incl.

    Low table in resin, stackable, white. Side table outdoor ideal for use in swimming pools, beaches and gardens. See the sun loungers to the game. Discount from 6 units.

    10,95 €
    13,25 € tax incl.
  • 178,00 € tax excl. 215,38 € tax incl.

    Sunlounger with tubular frame in resin reinforced with glass fiber and cover in breathable Batyline fabric (replaceable). Stackable, back reclining in 5 positions, with non-slip feet and small wheels. Sold in pack of 2 units 

    178,00 €
    215,38 € tax incl.
    • 122,00 € tax excl. 147,62 € tax incl.

      Buy the sun lounger with the best value for money on the market. If you need sun loungers for campsites, hotels, municipal swimming pools or sports centers do not hesitate. This lounger is suitable. Stackable sun lounger in white with coasters, wheels at the back and U.V protection. Very comfortable fabric in heat-welded texthilene. Reclining in 4...

      122,00 €
      147,62 € tax incl.
    • 64,00 € tax excl. 77,44 € tax incl.

      Stackable sunlounger. Polypropylene frame in different colors. UV protection.  Wheels under back legs. Net weight 10.25 kg (22.55 lb). Five-position reclining sunlounger. For outdoor use. Measurements: 74.02x24.80x18.50 in. Minimum quantity 8 units (unit price)  

      64,00 €
      77,44 € tax incl.
    • 47,41 € tax excl. 57,37 € tax incl.

      Stackable sunlounger. Polypropylene frame white colour. UV protection. Net weight 8.65 kg (19.03 lb). For outdoor use. Measurements: 24.80x74.02x18.50 in. Minimum qunatity 12 units and sold in bundles of 2 items (unit price)    

      47,41 €
      57,37 € tax incl.
    • 62,60 € tax excl. 75,75 € tax incl.

      PALAMOS RESOL Folding sunlounger. 3 position reclining seat. Polypropylene frame in white or green colour. UV protection.     

      62,60 €
      75,75 € tax incl.
      • 14,90 € tax excl. 18,03 € tax incl.

        Color white or green. Polypropylene monobloc sunlonguer side table. UV protection. Stackable. Colour white or green. For indoor and outdoor use. Measurements : 19.68x19.68x17.72 in. Sold in bundles of 5 items (unit price) .

        14,90 €
        18,03 € tax incl.
      • 228,42 € tax excl. 276,39 € tax incl.

        Powder-coated aluminium sunlounger in light grey. Black texthilene. Trimming of tropical wood. 22 cm wheels of rubber covered aluminium. 5 positions. For outdoor use. See also CUBIC armchair and CUBIC side table.

        228,42 €
        276,39 € tax incl.
      • 81,16 € tax excl. 98,21 € tax incl.

        CUBIC Powder-coated aluminium auxiliary table in light grey. For outdoor use. See also CUBIC sunlounger and CUBIC armchair.   

        81,16 €
        98,21 € tax incl.
      • 81,18 € tax excl. 98,23 € tax incl.

        Powder-coated aluminium auxiliary table SHIO in white color. For outdoor and indoor use. See also sunlounger SHIO.

        81,18 €
        98,23 € tax incl.
      • 57,80 € tax excl. 69,94 € tax incl.

        IBIZA RESOL Folding sunlounger. 5 position reclining seat. Polypropylene frame in white or green colour. UV protection.     

        57,80 €
        69,94 € tax incl.
        • 184,55 € tax excl. 223,31 € tax incl.

          Chill out Bean bag CHILLOUT MIGHTY- B by EXTREME LOUNGING for indoor and outdoor use

          184,55 €
          223,31 € tax incl.
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          • 228,45 € tax excl. 276,43 € tax incl.

            Aluminum deck chair painted in white, with white texthilene.22 cm aluminum wheels covered with rubber. It has 5 positions. For outdoor use. Sold in a batch of 2 units (unit price). 

            228,45 €
            276,43 € tax incl.

          Sunloungers chairs and hammocks

          Are you looking to buy furniture for the pool or beach of your hotel or sports complex? In DESKandSIT we have a wide catalog of the best stackable sunbeds and hammocks, loungers with rear wheel, metal loungers ...

          Get to attract customers with the most comfortable sun loungers and modern design. You can combine them with the auxiliary tables and with the hospitality umbrellas.

          Types of sun loungers for swimming pools

          It is important to know the main characteristics of the deckchairs to be able to choose the most suitable model: the weight of the sun lounger, the resistance and its comfort that depends on the material in which they are made. We have a wide variety of sunbeds with a wide range of prices and very careful designs to improve the experience of your customers.

          Stackable loungers

          For the terraces that must be collected daily, an essential point is that the chairs are piled up and that their weight is the minimum possible. In this case, resin loungers are recommended, such as the classic MASTER or MARINA lounge chairs and the most modern SKY loungers or the aluminum and textilene loungers, such as the legendary BARCELONETA lounge chair.

          Synthetic rattan sun loungers

          Rattan loungers combine the most classic aesthetic with the use of resin in the same product. They are very resistant loungers that allow to combine the finish of the terrace chairs with the same color, material and finish as the loungers in the pool, to give a uniform image. We have collections of hospitality furniture that incorporate pieces of all these sections.

          Design sun loungers

          Choose from our range of most innovative sun loungers. We have loungers with very current designs to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pools. Always proposing sunbeds with a high level of quality and durability (essential by the sea or in contact with the chlorine of the pool) without forgetting the aesthetic at very competitive prices.

          Double day-beds

          We can not forget the new trends. If you have space, what better way to offer your clients double sunbeds or canopy or canopy beds. Clients are impressed with the intimacy they generate. Not to mention, you get a very elegant terrace image. You can find double beds made of aluminum and tropical woods.

          Folding hammocks

          If, on the other hand, you have a small space, or you are looking for more rotation in your pool, you can combine the lounge chairs with folding hammocks. Aesthetically they are very attractive, and at the same time it is an economical and practical product. The folding hammocks can also complete the terrace of a bar, offering a more chillout atmosphere. We also have the most classic metal hammocks in the French style. Dress up your colorful terrace with aluminum hammocks to create the most cosmopolitan lounge.

          Sofas and poufs for chillout terraces

          The swimming pool and beach terrace areas can be completed with sofas and chillout poufs, provided they are made in the appropriate fabrics. We have upholstered sofas in nautical vinyl. This resistant fabric allows to offer these products at the foot of the pool or beach without sacrificing comfort.

          Why buy sun loungers at DESKandSIT?

          In our catalog we have the best brands which allows us to advise you so that you can incorporate the deckchair or hammock that best suits your needs into your business: the legendary Spanish sunloungers brands Resol and Ezpeleta are complemented by the Portuguese sun loungers by Joluce and the most modern sun loungers by ISIMAR.

          Do not hesitate and if you need help we can contact us by filling out our form or by email. You can also call us by phone and we will gladly advise you.