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Desk lamps 

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Table lamps allow adequate lighting of the work area. In this way the eyesight works better and does not tire. What are you waiting to update yours?

Desk and table lamps.

We present our catalog with the selection of the best lamps designed for the desk and office. Find the lamp that fits your style by design, by light characteristics, by color, by measurements, etc. 

Give the missing touch to your study table or your office.

Choose from the lamps in our catalog where we have: Led lamps, traditional bulb lamps. Different sizes, with adjustable intensity, etc.

Why buy your desk furniture at DESKandSIT?

At DESKandSIT we are specialists in desks and that is why we offer you a wide selection of products for home office, youth desks, etc. Check our section of desk chairs, shows section of youth desks and shelves. But if what you need is a real office, do not forget that have our section of furniture for professionaloffice,where you can find a myriad of products such as office desks, meeting tables, counters for reception, ergonomic chairs and file cabinets as metal cabinets and drawers.