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Stools and high tables 

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  • Design your bar or restaurant with stools that adapt to the style and atmosphere of your environment. Here you will find a catalogue of stools designed for indoor or outdoor use. A good alternative to offer customers more intimate spaces. Original standing mangers and stools are becoming more and more popular and this notion of height makes customers feel comfortable. Giving height to your furniture will add volume and give it a modern look.

    At DESKandSit, the products are of professional quality, they are suitable for intensive use. Our products are most often treated against bad weather and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Some of our products can be customized by color, size, logo, materials, etc.

    Which model of stools to choose for your environment?

    DESKandSit offers you a wide choice of high tables and stools, so that you can implement your ideas and desires. That's why we offer a large number of different styles, which can fully meet your needs. This type of furniture will give a bistro atmosphere to your room and will easily match bar stools.

    For those who attach great importance to practicality, the folding bar stool can be easily stored when guests have left. For a trendy kitchen, choose a designer bar stool. Simple or with a backrest, the bar stool can be chosen in bright colours to reinforce the modern and colourful character of your room. Or even be associated with the colours that correspond to the high table and the room.

    In order to best suit your environment you can choose from our wide range of aluminium stools in classic and modern design. But also resin or plastic stools. We have lightweight stools for a relaxed atmosphere that go with high tables to allow you to eat standing or sitting. There are also light outdoor furniture for a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which is weatherproof.

    Why buy stools from DESKandSIT?

    At DESKandSIT we have years of experience behind us, offering you our products and services, with the guarantee of the best brands and materials at the best price.

    On the other hand, many of our products contain paint for outdoor use and paint for marine areas, so that humidity or other weather conditions do not prevent proper operation or alter the colour or even the shape.

    In addition, we offer delivery of furniture, but also advice to customers who are looking for products for their restaurant, cafeteria, bar, hotel or even your home.

    If you can't find the stools you want, contact us and we'll help you find the item you're looking for.

  • To furnish your bar or restaurant premises, every detail counts. The bar is like the owner's image. It is possible to arrange the space with stools that will best suit the style and atmosphere of the bar or restaurant. We also have outdoor stools that can also be used for indoor use.

    There are also stools for a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which are weatherproof. High tables for standing or stool dining are a good alternative to offer the customer a better convenience and a more intimate space than at the bar.
    In the selection of stools and high tables, you will also find folding stools, designed for terraces that must be assembled/dismantled every day.

    Why a high table? 

    As a restaurateur, hotelier or café manager, you must ensure that your customers can enjoy the best possible comfort in your establishment.

    CHR tables are tables that are specially designed for the sole purpose of finding their place in a restaurant, café or hotel. There are a wide variety of models and types that are universally recognized as being perfect for those who run businesses. The table plays a crucial role in your activity, because it is around it that people will gather and it is on it that the dishes, meals, drinks that you will serve to your customers will be placed. This is why it is important to always have CHR equipment for your establishment.

    The different models of high table 

    High tables for restaurants and hotels

    To give your customers the best possible experience when they enter your restaurant or hotel, you must ensure that you have obtained the best possible equipment. Just like in your home, the dining table in your restaurant or hotel is the place where the magic happens.

    Generally, tables in restaurants and hotels have rectangular shapes. It is important to choose a decorative style that will attract customers, and therefore to have tables that perfectly match your creation. If your decorative style is Scandinavian, then you will opt for a table with a refined style, sometimes made of wood and sometimes painted white. Or if you prefer, you can opt for a more refined, more luxurious style, and equip yourself with tables with metal legs, with a black rectangular top or even vintage furniture.

    High tables for bistros and bars

    Generally in bistros, there are large tables, most often round. Being a place of conviviality, bistros and bars are often equipped with large tables because of their width but also because of their height.

    It is advisable for your bistro to get a wooden table with a central foot, a''standing table''. The central foot of a round table makes it easier to move your clients' chairs around it. The purpose of a bar or bistro is to relax around a glass, nothing more normal than to avoid rectangular tables that are too formal and reminiscent of work. In addition, it allows the feet to relax.

    And if you can't find the table you want, ask us and we'll be happy to help you.

Large catalogue of high tables  and stools designed for outdoor and indoor use. Ideal for bar terraces, swimming pools, straw huts, rest rooms, outdoor relaxation area.

High tables, for standing or sitting on stools, are a good alternative in areas too small to accommodate a low table, but they offer customers more convenience and privacy than a counter. Everything you need for your company. Find on our website the product that will match the layout of your premises.

Why choose CHR tables and stools?

Having a space adapted to your work environment is very important for the coherence of the restaurant but also for the customer. If the space is not professional or there is a lack of decoration, the client will not be comfortable. However, if your space matches the image you want to convey, the customer will feel confident and more welcoming.

If you do not want to change all the seasons of furniture, opt for professional CHR furniture because it is suitable for heavy use. It is therefore mandatory for you to invest in quality equipment, specifically created for your institutions like yours.

What is your style?

There are several table styles for restaurants, tables, cafés and hotels. For example, you can buy a table made of wood, stainless steel, teak, etc. It is up to you to choose the shape and size of your table, it can be round, square, rectangular, very low, medium or very high. It is even possible that she has crossed feet, or a central foot or four feet.

Whether it is made of wood, aluminium, stainless steel, steel or plastic, the standing manure can easily find its place whatever the concept and style of your establishment.
For example, aluminum or chrome models will give vitality to your part. The black structures will bring sobriety and elegance. The wooden structures, on the other hand, will give an authentic and natural appearance to the room. It's up to you to choose what your future bar table will look like.

Do not hesitate to contact our professionals who will answer you and advise you on your desires, budgets or even questions.