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  • 49,15 € tax excl. 59,47 € tax incl.

    Versatile computer desk table with storage (1 shelf). 90x60cm  White melamine chipboard. Everything you need in the minimum space. Ideal for small space. With space under the board to store books and folders. Measures: 90x60cm height 79cm. White color.

    49,15 €
    59,47 € tax incl.
  • 90,40 € tax excl. 109,38 € tax incl.

    Swing desk.  Writing desk thanks to its design, occupies minimal space and offers at the same time, a large work surface. Closed measures: 87x 98x36cm. To use it, open, and can work with your computer, books and notebooks. Once closed, the board acts as a shelf desktop and can leave the books in an orderly manner. The desktop also features drawers.

    90,40 €
    109,38 € tax incl.
  • 73,80 € tax excl. 89,30 € tax incl.

    Set of desk with shelves. The ideal white desk table: The computer table with a very modern design that fits in any corner of the house. Compact set consisting of a desk with a one-piece shelf. Ideal for small spaces. White color. Total measurement: 120 cm x 54 cm. Total height 144cm.

    73,80 €
    89,30 € tax incl.
    • 85,00 € tax excl. 102,85 € tax incl.

      Versatile desk table with 2 drawers mju2010001. 138x50cm  White bright melamine chipboard. Reversible desk estructure.

      85,00 €
      102,85 € tax incl.
    • 98,50 € tax excl. 119,19 € tax incl.

      Versatile desk table with pedestal drawers. 138x60cm White melamine chipboard. Reversible desk estructure (the drawers can be fixed at both sides)

      98,50 €
      119,19 € tax incl.
    • 90,34 € tax excl. 109,31 € tax incl.

      Table desk removable that can be closed while not in use, to console mode, and can be opened for use as a desk with a large working surface. Measures closed: 87x 98x36cm. Once closed, the desktop acts as a shelf, being able to leave the books in an orderly manner. The desk has 2 drawers under the main board.

      90,34 €
      109,31 € tax incl.
    • 77,15 € tax excl. 93,35 € tax incl.

      Desk in white with storage spaceThis small office will save you a lot of space. In addition, the furniture can be placed in several different positions, so that you can adapt to your space. A compact formed by a desk and a small bookcase with 2 drawers and 2 storage boxes. Dimension : Color white.

      77,15 €
      93,35 € tax incl.