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White boards and chalkboards 

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  • 372,75 € tax excl. 451,03 € tax incl.

    Whiteboard equipped with matt silver anodised “Mini” aluminium frame and mitred corners. Lifetime guarantee and magnetic 800ºC enamel surface or lacquered. Suitable for writing with dry wipe board markers. A 30 cm pen tray included.

    372,75 €
    451,03 € tax incl.
  • 158,20 € tax excl. 191,42 € tax incl.

    Enamelled whiteboard from panels that are outlined by a black contour, for an attractive contrast. The rounded corners add to the panels’ elegant appearance. These panels are exceptionally suited for transforming your work area into an environment that is both decorative and functional.

    158,20 €
    191,42 € tax incl.
  • 34,30 € tax excl. 41,50 € tax incl.

    Kit Top of add-ons for the whiteboard. The Kit top includes:4 whiteboard Markers colours Cleaning fluid 200ml for whiteboard Eraser magnetic with felt replacement for white board magnetic with Removable pen magnetic Pack of 10 magnets colors of 20mm diameter for white board magnetic

    34,30 €
    41,50 € tax incl.
  • 18,15 € tax excl. 21,96 € tax incl.

    Add-ons for the whiteboard. Starter Kit that includes: 4 whiteboard Markers Liquid cleaner 50ml for whiteboard Draft magnetic OVAL with felt replacement for white board magnetic Pack of 10 magnets 20mm diameter for white board magnetic

    18,15 €
    21,96 € tax incl.
  • 19,10 € tax excl. 23,11 € tax incl.

    Basic laquered whiteboard with silver anodised aluminium frame and grey plastic corners. Magnet attachable, lacquered surface suitable for writing on with dry wipe board markers. A 30 cm pen tray is included.

    19,10 €
    23,11 € tax incl.
  • 115,62 € tax excl. 139,90 € tax incl.

    Laminated chalk board. Chalk board equipped with silver anodised aluminium frame and plastic rounded corners. Laminated surface and a 30 cm. pen tray included.  Dimentions: 120x150;120x200; 120x250 and 120x300cm

    115,62 €
    139,90 € tax incl.
  • 51,70 € tax excl. 62,56 € tax incl.

    Chakboard sidewalk menu for restaurant 1double-face with base, easel with wood frame finished in a lacquered finish in black or brown. Suitable for writing with pen and chalk traditional. Measures open: 82.5 cm high, 55 cm wide and 50cm in depth.

    51,70 €
    62,56 € tax incl.
  • 94,90 € tax excl. 114,83 € tax incl.

    Acoustic wall panel sound-absorbing. Decorative design in a rectangular shape adaptable to all offices and restaurants. The acoustic panel is available in a wide range of colors. Panel dimensions: panel rectangular of 44x84cm. Thickness 7cm.

    94,90 €
    114,83 € tax incl.

Here you will find a large selection of chalkboards or whiteboards. Lacquered, laminated or enamelled boards. We have boards for personal use for the home or small rooms / offices, professional boards for use in meeting rooms or small classrooms and school boards for use in large rooms for more students. We offer quality boards always at the best price.