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    Waiting room and relax armchairs 

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    • 93,50 € tax excl. 113,14 € tax incl.

      Ergonomic chair with sled base Dallas | The perfect chair for meeting rooms and management officesConfident chair with chromed steel structure, armrests, black upholstered seat in flex fabric with high density interior foam rubber and a very nice and high resistance "fabric effect" touch mesh backrest.

      93,50 €
      113,14 € tax incl.
    • 131,95 € tax excl. 159,66 € tax incl.

      Great visitor chair skid model Urban design timeless. Fits in all offices. For your comfort and design, can be used in boardrooms and meetings, in waiting rooms and as confident to attend to visits in the office (with matching swivel chair also available).

      131,95 €
      159,66 € tax incl.
    • 97,10 € tax excl. 117,49 € tax incl.

      Armchair for waiting areas and collectivities. Back rest mesh in different colors. Structure in gray RAL 9010.

      97,10 €
      117,49 € tax incl.
      • 241,95 € tax excl. 292,76 € tax incl.

        Armchair upholstered modern office and contract. Chair of office of 4 legs with structure metallic in color black. Arms upholstered to play with the chairs.

        241,95 €
        292,76 € tax incl.
      • 275,95 € tax excl. 333,90 € tax incl.

        Armchair upholstered modern office and contract with a base and 4 radios manufactured in polyamide black colour. Arms upholstered to play with the chairs.

        275,95 €
        333,90 € tax incl.
      • 239,95 € tax excl. 290,34 € tax incl.

        2, 3 and 4-seater waiting room bench office with foot in pyramid shape in black color with seats in colors. Design is very fun and current that you can combine with the collection of swivel chair and bench. Seat upholstery as an option. Seat and backrest in plastic case in wide range of colors.

        239,95 €
        290,34 € tax incl.
      • 234,40 € tax excl. 283,62 € tax incl.

        The armchair ARLES for office and contract, has a design very clean and simple. Chairs of reduced dimensions to be able to put in dining tables, tables office, so confident, in slas of waiting, etc., The structure is made of solid oak. The natural wood gives it a distinguished look. Seat and back upholstered in fabric available in 2 colors.

        234,40 €
        283,62 € tax incl.
      • 244,95 € tax excl. 296,39 € tax incl.

        Armchair upholstered in a vintage-style finish velvet VELOURS for office and contract design very current. Structure made in metal painted in black color.

        244,95 €
        296,39 € tax incl.
      • 489,90 € tax excl. 592,78 € tax incl.

        Design armchair upholstered in black leather, with stainless steel structure. Also available the set of armchair with footstool or ottoman.

        489,90 €
        592,78 € tax incl.
      • 924,00 € tax excl. 1 118,04 € tax incl.

        Chair design with ottoman manufactured in natural leather. Structure of stainless steel. Great piece to decorate in a timeless way any room or office.

        924,00 €
        1 118,04 € tax incl.
      • 703,20 € tax excl. 850,87 € tax incl.

        Modern armchair in grey color. Base with feet of solid beech and upholstery fabric

        703,20 €
        850,87 € tax incl.
      • 1 107,70 € tax excl. 1 340,32 € tax incl.

        Modern two-seat or three-seat sofa in grey color. Base with feet of solid beech and upholstery fabric

        1 107,70 €
        1 340,32 € tax incl.
      • 108,00 € tax excl. 130,68 € tax incl.

        CHAIR MODEL BIO designed by Josep LluscáBIO model armchair, made ​​of polypropylene is durable, stylish, lightweight, stackable and have the possibility of incorporating writing tablet. Measures 480x535x800 mm and in colors black, anthracite, dark brown, grey, white, blue, red, orange, beige and green

        108,00 €
        130,68 € tax incl.
      • 196,50 € tax excl. 237,77 € tax incl.

        CHAIR EINA designed by Josep LluscáEINA model armchair with seat and back made ​​of injected polypropylene with a wide range of colors black, anthracite, dark brown, red, grey, white, blue, orange, beige and green. The chairs are linkable through a system of connection that is attached to the arms and are stackable. Dimensions: 565x580x840 mm

        196,50 €
        237,77 € tax incl.
      • 349,90 € tax excl. 423,38 € tax incl.

        Armchair NIMES upholstered design. Ideal for office and contract use. A cozy atmosphere can be created by placing a couple of seats in waiting areas, informal meeting rooms, coffee areas in offices, bars, hotel halls and coffee shops and even to create a reading corner. The structure is made of solid oak that gives it a...

        349,90 €
        423,38 € tax incl.

      Waiting armchairs allow guests to relax and be more comfortable during the wait. They are much more comfortable than the waiting chairs. There are different styles, from the newest and innovative models to the classic models with great triumph over the years.