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Pubicado el : 01/18/2019 12:43:45

The offices of today are no longer as before. The way of working has changed and so have the collections of office furniture, which must be adapted to the needs of the users. Therefore, now the collections of our catalogs solve the different needs that our clients may have:

Of course: office tables of different configurations:

Individual office table

Individual table for customer service, for managers and semi-managers, etc.

- Pulls or benches

Pulls or benches of office tables that can grow to infinity: benches that adapt to the smallest measures (sets of tables from 120x60cm to a table several meters long). In the benches or bench space is optimized, an order is achieved and interaction between employees is encouraged.

- Tables for meeting rooms


- Counters

But also the most interesting details that allow the user to feel comfortable in their workplace: junction boxes with light, voice, data, USB, etc.

Wiring systems at the bottom to get the cables to all positions in a discreet and efficient way.

And, of course, all the necessary accessories: drawers, pencil trays, cabinets, chairs of different budgets, etc.

Office installation in open concept. Collection of tables and office furniture.

See collection of operating tables for offices

One of the collections that meets all this and more is our flagship collection:

The M4 collection is one of the most complete with an impeccable price quality ratio. We attached some images so you can get ideas:

Meeting table for meeting rooms M4 collection. Buy online office furniture

See meeting tables for meeting rooms and offices

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