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The crib is possibly the most special piece of furniture for your baby. It is his first furniture and the most important of the room. It completely determines the aesthetics of it and we look for the cradle that fits in our tastes. But for choosing a crib not only you have to take into account the colors, the material, the design and the extras to calm or entertain your baby, you also have to observe what degree of safety or protection it offers.

And is that a cradle is a fundamental element. It is estimated that in the first year of life, a baby sleeps an average of 14 hours a day. For this, it is important to choose a good crib that offers everything you want and also be safe.

All the cots that we offer in DESKandSIT.com comply with the regulations regarding the safety and quality:

FIMcpu2007001                        FIMcpu2207002                      

MiCuna NOVA 120cm (cpu2007001)                   MiCuna SWEAT BEAR 120cm (cpu2007002)

FIMcpu2007003                     FIMcpu2007009

MiCuna LISA 120cm (cpu2007003)                           MiCuna ISTAR 120cm (cpu2007009)

FIMcpu2007005                 FIMcpu2007006

BabyMobel cuna convertible MI3 140cm (cpu2007005)      BabyMobel LUNA MI6 120cm (cpu2007006)

FIMcpu2007007                       FIMcpu2007008

BabyMobel MI10 120cm (cpu2007007)                        Babymobel M0-1630 87cm (cpu2007008)


                                  Bambola y Maternal BÁMBOLA tijera 91cm (cpu1098003)

These cribs have received a safety certificate from: ecoembes, "Aidimme technological institute" and "ASEPRI".

In order to keep your baby safe, not only must you buy a crib that offers safety, but also you must know how to use it.

Here's how the Sweat Bear by MiCuna model works

The first step is to know and use the locking and unlocking of the railing with a slight twist.

The second step is to use double insurance. To avoid a failure of the first system. To use it, you only have to check that the two closing buttons are pressed simultaneously and activate the mobile railing.

To prevent your baby from opening the railing, the opening system is not accessible for your baby, since to open it, you must press the two opening buttons at the same time. The distance between one button and the other is intended for adult arms of 850 mm.

If you liked the idea, we offer cribs with which your baby will feel safe with these methods. Click here!

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