150x50 cm lacquered metal grow table hja2009004

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Measures 150 x50 cm lacquered metal grow table in green or brown, is designed to help you grow your plants or vegetables on your balcony, terrace or patio system. With 50 cm wide is ideal for small spaces. The table is available with 3 different heights of legs (45, 65 or 85 mm) so make them suitable for adults, children and people in wheelchairs.

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The table lacquered in green crop or brown measures 150 x50 cm is designed to help you grow your plants or vegetables on your balcony, terrace or patio system. And enjoying natural products grown for yourself. 
The table 50 cm wide mini is ideal for terraces, balconies or small spaces. 
Each table is available with 3 different heights of legs (45, 65 or 85 cm) thus make them suitable for adults, children and people in wheelchairs. The lowest 45 cm table height also ideal for children, allows the cultivation of vines and tomato. 
- Finished in lacquered with clean paint which prevents corrosion more easily, brown and green colors. 
- Measures 150 long x 50 wide x 45/65/85 cm high 
- Table stability by the solid structure and a sheet of 1 mm and 2 mm in the legs 
- All edges of cultivating table are rounded to avoid cuts in a coup (especially designed for children). 
He can move easily incorporating the 4 wheel kit. 
- The table base culture is designed to incorporate the required 8 adapters (bamboo canes kit) for growing vines. 
- Easy assembly 
- It has a lightweight (25-30kg and 100kg unladen with wet substrate), designed for installation on balconies and terraces with no problem. 
- All models levelers are included to attach to the legs, allowing them to level table on uneven floors culture. 
- Capacity for 200 liters of substrate (model 150 x 75 cm wide). 
- Capacity up to 130 liters of substrate (model 150 x 50 cm wide). 
- Includes installation instructions 
VERY IMPORTANT: Do not put on the table land cultivation. The substrate has to be 100% organic origin: 
ACCESSORIES (purchased separately) 
You can add to the growing number of table accessories to facilitate and optimize the culture. 
- 4 Wheel Kit for metal grow table
A set of four wheels, 2 with brakes and 2 without brake, which facilitates the easy movement of the table. 
- bambo kit for metal grow table
The table base culture is designed to incorporate the necessary 8 adapters for climbing plants to grow cane. The kit includes 8 brackets and 8 bamboo. 
- Irrigation kit for urban gardening
Easy to install, can maintain optimal moisture levels in the table with a large crop water savings. It can be adapted to an automatic irrigation controller. 
- 6 meters of irrigation piping 4 mm. 
- 4 droppers turbulent 4 liters / hour at 1 BAR, removable with which you can clean the excess lime. 
- 10 picks. 
- 4 "T" and a link to go from standard 16mm hose. 4mm hose. It is recommended to put a pressure regulator not exceeding 1 BAR. 
For such an irrigation irrigation allowing short irrigations (Gardena T1030 Plus or Claber Video 2 type) is recommended. 
- Greenhouse for urban gardening
It measures 200 cm. high, 75 cm. wide and 200 cm. long. The structure is laminated iron and polyethylene cover is 135 g/m2. (including winds). By putting the skirts of the greenhouse itself under the legs of the table culture is adequately secured to the ground on windy days. 
- Place the leveling (or wheels) at the ends of the legs. 
- Assembling first short side of the legs. Then join the long side. 
- Place the base of the table: the first carrying a square base tab in "V". Second base fits and rests on the "V". Each base has 4 holes where will the respective red caps. If you install the kit to grow bamboo vines, replace the red plugs for the gray "piers" or media for twisting reeds standing part above and part below the base of the table. 
- Do not tighten the screws until all components are fitted

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