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  • 251,00 € tax excl. 303,71 € tax incl.

    HD series formed by a 3m diameter round parasol with all the accessories to adapt the terrace of your premises: parasol in raw polyester fabric or acrylic fabric (colors to choose).

    251,00 €
    303,71 € tax incl.
  • 212,45 € tax excl. 257,06 € tax incl.

    Set of 2 units of pole breaker with black shrink tape available in color black, tape extensible 4.8 cm high by 200 cmOption portacarteles DINA4 to attach to the top of the post.

    212,45 €
    257,06 € tax incl.
  • 8,60 € tax excl. 10,41 € tax incl.

    Range of acrylic and portafolletos Basic Line. Ideal for office, trade shows, conventions, advertising, hospitality. Available in formats Din A4, Din A5, Din A6, 1/3 A4 (leaflet). Vertical and horizontal position, depending on format.

    8,60 €
    10,41 € tax incl.
  • 72,95 € tax excl. 88,27 € tax incl.

    Glass shower screen for table of work anticontagios Dividers front which is adapted to the work tables in order to maintain the safety distance between the employees. The separator is placed on the working table and allows you to work while keeping the safety distance without losing visual communication.

    72,95 €
    88,27 € tax incl.