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Advice on Ergonomics. How we should sit down? - Office furniture

Data di pubblicazione : 15/02/2016 17:53:25

The correct posture at the office is fundamental to avoid physical problems.

Every task requests different ergonomics conditions and specific mobility, for that, ergonomic office chairs offer a variety of mechanisms that let adapt the chair to our necessities, and not the other way round.


How should we sit?

To consider a chair ergonomic, it must allow the following regulations:


Seat Height

The armrest should be parallel to the work surface, forming a straight angle with the arm. With both feet firmly on the ground, the knees should form a straight angle.


Synchro Mechanism

The angle formed by the backrest and the seat of the chair can be regulated according to the use and the user.


Adjustable Armrest

Place your arms to the lowest position to facilitate the mobility. In static works adjust the height and distance until the armrest supports perfectly.


Lumbar Adjustment (although this regulation is less common for its high cost, it is important for chairs that are used during all the working day)

Adjust the height of the lumbar support to get the total support of the back and a good distribution of weight.

Como usar la regulacion de la silla para sentarse correctamente en una silla ergonómica.


Wrong Postures

It is convenient alternate the dynamic and static tasks in your daily work.


What is the dynamic work?

Management and swap of documents, communication, “management of peripheral”... Release the synchro mechanism adjusting the tension of your weight and height. Place your arm in the lowest position.


What is the static work?

Analysis and drafting of documents, intensive computer work… Block the synchro mechanism and use the armrest positioning them in the necessary position.

Como usar la silla ergonómica según el trabajo es estático o dinámico

Key points for avoiding wrong postures:

  1. 1. A low position according to the table, creates “cervical muscle fatigue”.

    2. Wrong support to the backrest of the chair creates lumbar puncture

    3. Legs excessively stretch or bend creates overloading of your joints

Posturas incorrectas que deben evitarse a la hora de sentarse en una silla ergonómica de trabajo

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