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DESKandSIT on the media

Data di pubblicazione : 27/06/2016 12:02:01

The company DESKandSIT offers furniture to companies, freelancers, interior decorators and designers in the online market for 4 years. It has been pioneer at the furniture field and has experienced a great growth year after year.

“The furniture selling online lets reduce the costs without losing quality”

It could seem that the e-commerce it is the future, but the e-commerce is the present. Create it, seems to be easy, but just the best ideas and the solid ones could survive. Moreover, eclipse to counterparts in the way of traditional selling.

Interview to Laia Valero, founding member of DESKandSIT

Entrevista publicada en El Periódico del 27/06/2016

Interview in “El periódico” newspaper the 06/27/2016

There are sectors in which seems to be harder to create an e-commerce with success. In the reality is it like that?

Yes. There are some business in which is more difficult to enter because they are very associated to the way of traditional selling. The first thing the client thinks it is not getting products by Internet, so it is more difficult to get your own place in the market. In the case of the furniture market for offices, hospitality industry, freelancers; the client usually doesn’t know the brands, it has the idea of trying it before buying it and online selling doesn’t seem to be an option.

Even then, DESKandSIT decides to start in 2012, in the online distribution world in the furniture sector. Which are the keys to triumph?

Before anything else, offer what the client is looking for, in this case the good price and quality. Then closely linked to offer a good service. Demonstrate that behind the e-commerce there is a great human team that makes the things right and has a good Customer service. We offer advice to choose the best furniture when they ask us, therefore, we offer the assembly of everything we sell. Our quick service, we are based in Barcelona, which helps us to be close of so much furniture quality manufacturers. After all, the e-commerce is ruled as a traditional commerce.

The fact to be online, offers some advantages to every type of business. How about yours?

Of course, it allows you to sell in a geographical scope so much wider. For example, we sell all around Europe imported products but especially national ones. We are a country linked to the furniture fabrication of so much quality and style, and at the rest of Europe that is so appreciated, we receive so much orders of this market.  

Which is the main objective of DESKandSIT for the next tax year?

Carry on like this, growing a 20% every year. Keep offering a good quality, a great price and a good service. Keep being one of the benchmark suppliers, not just for hospitality industry and offices, but also for freelancers, one of the most solid clients and particular clients that want exclusive products.

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