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How to decorate your reception with the ideal furniture

Data di pubblicazione : 19/01/2017 13:06:30

The reception or entrance of the business is the image of every company. Also, in many companies it is the place where the first connection with the customer is developed. The customer is the most important thing of any company, all other departments are focused to their satisfaction, from manufacturing to after-sales.

One of the methods to create a good first impression is by decoration, so you have to take into account what furniture to choose, depending on the personality you want to transfer, the working environment and fit the budget.

The basic elements to include in a reception would be a counter, a coat rack for customers to put on their coats, a waiting room with comfortable and robust chairs, because in some cases, so many people pass by and sit there, tables where there are magazines, plants, good lighting and, if possible, exterior views, etc.

Some seating options while waiting:

SIllas para la espera  SIllas para la espera SIllas para la espera 

Another alternative are armchairs:

Sillones para la espera Sillones para la espera Sillones para la espera

Coat racks:

Percheros Percheros Percheros

Paper bins:

Papeleras de oficina   Papeleras de oficina

Side tables:

Mesas auxiliares de sala de espera Mesas auxiliares de sala de espera Mesas auxiliares de sala de espera

When deciding the distribution of furniture, you must take into account the space that you have. It is the key factor to choose the counter, once the space is measured, choose the one that most suits the establishment. For this reason, most counters can be modulated, so that different sizes and shapes can be made (straight, in L, with area to attend to the disabled, etc). Also the counters are available in a wide range of finishes and colors to fit the image of the company.

Models and different types of counters:

Mostrador oficina pequeño Mostrador oficina mediano Mostrador oficina grande

Other methods to keep in mind for a good impression are the attitude of the person who deals with the customers while entering. That person will be the customer's first contact with the company, and it can be key to get a good impression.

The person at the entrance has to be the ideal person, and have certain skills such as being likeable and pleasant, hardworking, skilled, etc. Moreover, as in the rest of positions at the company, the reception should have a good ergonomic chair in accordance with the decoration of the space.

Choosing the best chair is not always easy, but we propose some options:

Sillas ergonómicas de oficina Sillas ergonómicas de oficina Sillas ergonómicas de oficina

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