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Indoor tables 

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Our assortment of indoor tables is extensive, you can see an endless variety of colors, materials, designs and sizes. Our online catalog offers, among others, the possibility of acquiring the best offers in living and dining tables, buy a round dining table or an extendable wooden table.

In DESKandSIT the indoor tables , unlike terrace or outdoor tables, offer more design possibilities and materials, as they do not have the need to adapt to climate variations or to be so light for transport.

Among its materials are: wood, varnished beech wood, glass, marble and natural wood or wenge or melamine (cheaper).

What characteristics should indoor tables have?

Even though the aesthetics of the restaurant, bar or cafeteria is a fundamental point for the clients and this must be adapted to our style, it is even more relevant that the tables are comfortable and fulfill the functions that the local wants play in order to attend and serve in an appropriate manner.

Among the functions to be performed are the resistance and storage, so for the manufacture of this type of indoor tables will be inevitable the use of heavier materials but resistant as marble or the glass, aged wood and also the tables with materials such as the phenolic compact and the werzalit which, even though they are exterior, are often used also indoors due to their high resistance. Another feature that must be met by hospitality table is easy to clean For this you must have materials such as aluminum. Within this group we find a wide variety such as our high table restaurant stool, or the restaurant table resol max shine.

Discover our best offers

In the interior hospitality tables the size is paramount. If we want a more cozy cafe we ​​can choose small wooden tables or bistro style . Also suitable on this occasion are some of our small vintage wooden tables.

If instead we look for hospitality furniture for a large restaurant it is appropriate to choose indoor tables of different sizes, from some larger ones like our Monaco table so that it can accommodate a larger number of people and smaller ones for couples or Small groups like our restaurant and bar table.

As we can see, the indoor tables are inside the hotel furniture, among the most varied, so in our catalog we also have dining tables with glass and wood, high tables of bar and square dining tables that are a sample of the wide range that we can find.

Even though these tables are not as popular in a restaurant as they are outside, folding tables, stackable and with a folding table are always necessary, especially if the space With which we have reduced or want to make the most of the place to serve all customers in a more comfortable and effective.

Other of our most demanded products are glass tables. Thanks to some of the materials that compose them, they are not too heavy and allow to unite quality, design and ergonomics.

Finally, a section that can not be missed in our indoor tables , is that of our high tables , designed especially for bars with a more casual style, including high bar tables, that simulate the bar itself.