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Stool tables for bar 

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    High table for bars and terraces finishing industry that brings a retro design and robust at the same time. The collection consists of stools, barstools, benches and high tables. For use indoors and outdoors. Various finishes available.

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      Outdoor aluminum high table for stool. 60,70c m diam.  60x60 and 70x70cm available. Tubular central structure with compact table top.

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      Contract bar high  table for stools. Table for outdoor and indoor use with painted aluminum base with compact table top. Diameter about 60 and 70cm.

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        Stool table. Bar furniture series consists of a straight bar, curved bar, high table and stools that allow the perfect design for your terrace, local, garden, etc. Available  with lamp with solar charge and USB with LED RGB light bulb.

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        STOOL TABLE MAX SHINY PEDESTAL Pedestal base for indoor and outdoor table. Cast aluminium. Shiny painted finish. Anodized aluminium tube. Non-turn notch. Steel counterweight 4.5 kg (9.90 lb). See TOP dimensions: diameter 60cm. TABLE TOP materials: stainless steel bevelled table top,werzalit table top or compact table top.

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        CLICK high folding table for outdoor ot indoor use with die cast aluminum base with blasted surfaces painted with epoxy-polyester. Swing System. Stackable. Table top:  compact . Diameter about 60, 70cm. Height 1175 mm

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        SPUTNIK TABLE Designed by Josep Lluscà. Stool table. 60cmx 109cm tall. Single pedestal base table for indoor and outdoor use. with fenolic compact top.

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        TABLE COCKTAIL 80Folding cocktail table with steel frame. High density polyethylene. Large base wich provide great stability, light and easy to fold and store. Finished in light or shark grey. 

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        Curved bar counter. Bar furniture series consists of a straight bar, curved bar, high table and stools that allow the perfect design for your terrace, local, garden, etc. Available in white color with ligh.

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        Stool table. Bar furniture series consists of a straight bar, curved bar, high table and stools that allow the perfect design for your terrace, local, garden, etc. Available in diferent colors. (Also available with light)

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        Bar counter. Bar furniture series consists of a straight bar, curved bar, high table and stools that allow the perfect design for your terrace, local, garden, etc. All pieces are available in white color with light .

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        High table for bar stools or use of foot, of rectangular shape to bars and terraces industrial finish that adds a retro design and rugged at the same time. As only 104x55cm. For use in interior and in exterior. Aluminium structure in taupe / anthracite and table top on  compact available in various colors.

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        Round table for use inside and outside. Diameter 60cm x110cm tall. Anodized aluminum frame of 40x40 mm and 1.5 mm thick. Round base diameter of 35 cm and 6 cm diameter tube. White, black or sand colors.

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        Table high bar in 2 dimensions: square or rectangular bars, and use in the kitchen as a breakfast table. Made of wood of solid pine with no varnish (natural color brown). If desired, the natural pine can be painted to give the desired finish (satin paint, rustic , decapada, etc.). 105cm in height. For use in interior. See stools to match.

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          Bar table high for use standing or with a stool collection prime. Complete your local with the bar table to play. The bar table can be used in indoor and outdoor use under covered. High table formed by a one foot column of white and a board in the material werzalit of diameter 60cm in various colors. Table modern that fits in many environments and at the...

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        To furnish your bar or restaurant premises, every detail counts. The bar is like the owner's image. It is possible to arrange the space with stools that will best suit the style and atmosphere of the bar or restaurant. We also have outdoor stools that can also be used for indoor use.

        There are also stools for a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which are weatherproof. High tables for standing or stool dining are a good alternative to offer the customer a better convenience and a more intimate space than at the bar.
        In the selection of stools and high tables, you will also find folding stools, designed for terraces that must be assembled/dismantled every day.

        Why a high table? 

        As a restaurateur, hotelier or café manager, you must ensure that your customers can enjoy the best possible comfort in your establishment.

        CHR tables are tables that are specially designed for the sole purpose of finding their place in a restaurant, café or hotel. There are a wide variety of models and types that are universally recognized as being perfect for those who run businesses. The table plays a crucial role in your activity, because it is around it that people will gather and it is on it that the dishes, meals, drinks that you will serve to your customers will be placed. This is why it is important to always have CHR equipment for your establishment.

        The different models of high table 

        High tables for restaurants and hotels

        To give your customers the best possible experience when they enter your restaurant or hotel, you must ensure that you have obtained the best possible equipment. Just like in your home, the dining table in your restaurant or hotel is the place where the magic happens.

        Generally, tables in restaurants and hotels have rectangular shapes. It is important to choose a decorative style that will attract customers, and therefore to have tables that perfectly match your creation. If your decorative style is Scandinavian, then you will opt for a table with a refined style, sometimes made of wood and sometimes painted white. Or if you prefer, you can opt for a more refined, more luxurious style, and equip yourself with tables with metal legs, with a black rectangular top or even vintage furniture.

        High tables for bistros and bars

        Generally in bistros, there are large tables, most often round. Being a place of conviviality, bistros and bars are often equipped with large tables because of their width but also because of their height.

        It is advisable for your bistro to get a wooden table with a central foot, a''standing table''. The central foot of a round table makes it easier to move your clients' chairs around it. The purpose of a bar or bistro is to relax around a glass, nothing more normal than to avoid rectangular tables that are too formal and reminiscent of work. In addition, it allows the feet to relax.

        And if you can't find the table you want, ask us and we'll be happy to help you.