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Vintage furniture bistro 

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Selection of vintage furniture: chairs, hospitality vintage design classic with a retro, rustic and contemporary to the time. Designs of the 19th century, updated in terms of its production and materials: a collection of FERMOB furniture for hotels, catering and terrace: the classic chair Bistrot de FERMOB foldable in different finishes and colourful collection wood game tables with foot cast collection TOLIX furniture metal chairs and tables bistro for catering recreate a cozy atmosphere.

Timeless designs and very durareros by their characteristics. Chairs, tables, stools and stools, metal vintage style rustic. Matching chairs in different finishes: chairs in walnut wood, with stool and bench seat to game, with and without arms, couches of wood and also chairs and tables type bistrot for terraces of cafes. Creates a good atmosphere in your bar, restaurant or cafe giving it an air of classical , and at the same time very current. To have furniture both indoor and terrace, you can achieve a warm atmosphere and make the customer feel at ease. The tables, most of them have feet of cast iron in various sizes, both small tables for cafes, tables in larger restaurants.

Also high tables for standing or with bar stools. The stools bistro wood walnut color are available with backrest and without backrest, as well as with arms games with the armchair of wood.

The different types of tables industrial and vintage

In DESKandSIT, come and discover the wide range of tables vintage. From long tables industrial until small round tables, to choose the materials that best suit your needs: a nice table of solid wood, or a table compact phenolic or wood painted in different colors. What more either aluminum or galvanized steel? You can redesign your restaurant or bar using a table industrial wood with a metal rack, or renew your bar with one of our tables that combine wood with metal, but also cast iron and marble.

We offer you huge possibilities of combinations of tables and personalized advice to enrich your interior or even exterior. The tables have been designed with a vintage spirit: more than functional objects, these pieces of furniture of industrial style are the nexus of union between the old workshops and the interiors of today. The tables transform your interior to create a decoration of character with a charm firmly authentic. Combining a table with industrial metal or a marble table with our selection of chairs vintage, or a stool , you'll get a balanced set but atypical.

Choose between a rectangular table with a center support or a large dining table round. Designed to last, the tables are made with quality materials and durablewood, metal, aluminum, cast iron and steel.
We have tables with boards of varnished wood that ensures the protection against accidents everyday.

We also have wood panels rustic or aged. To create an environment that suits your bar or restaurant. You can also combine your dining table with other items in the same style: for indoor harmonious, we recommend that you combine your masterpiece with step stools or small metal cabinets, a piece of furniture, industrial wood and metal shelf, industrial metal. Do not forget to give importance to the lighting!

Chairs industrial and vintage we have to offer

Discover a selection of seating from bar industrial and vintage that are perfectly suited to your space, restaurant or bar. We offer different models of chairs and a bar and restaurant to offer the maximum possible combination for the interior decoration.

Furniture industrial, but also furniture retro, according to their tastes in terms of the interior design of your establishment. If you're looking for a stool of industrial design, such as a stool made of metal or a wooden stool, find it here. With our bar stools industrial chairs and cafeteria industry, we are able to meet the needs of all those who wish to equip your bar or restaurant with seats original and modern.

Stylish and practical in the daily life, the bar stool industrial is a piece of furniture sturdy and stable. If you have a bar, creates a nice place adding seating to a bar, or a bar stool, vintage, and a simple one, you'll get a more warm and welcoming, where the industrial decoration will prefer to play with the authenticity and the look crude. ¡ You can also add lights !

Backless, wooden stool vintage will be a good complement to any piece of rustic style: a high stool is always an advantage in a bar, near a high table for example. A model with a backrest to enhance the comfort of the chairs and armchairs and give you a style that is more sophisticated and warm; we advise that you complete your decor with a old closet vintage.

Stable and reliable, will keep for many years: its timeless style and versatility allow them to survive the years to adapt to the evolutions of your business. With its solid wood and its comfortable seating, will appeal to lovers of the environments of coffee bistro and authentic decoration.