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  • Discover our extensive online catalog of terrace and interior use tables suitable for decorating restaurants, cafes and bars. We have the necessary hospitality furniture to provide your establishment with the style you need to attract your customers : vintage bar tables, design hotel furniture, small tables for bars ...

    Search among all our options the product that best suits your clients to offer them comfort and design, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

    Why buy my catering tables in DESKandSIT?

    All our hospitality tables are composed of a structure and a board. Among them there are different materials to choose from and in case the combination or measurement that you want is not available you can consult us to be able to offer you the best alternative in each case.

    Discover our great variety of hospitality tables

    Our catalog is wide and heterogeneous in measurements, materials, colors and prices so that you find the table that best goes with your store. Are you looking to create a vintage atmosphere? Do you just have space and need folding tables? Do you want to choose between our round board tables?

    All varieties of tables you can imagine are in our nine sections of tables of hospitality.

    Wooden tables

    The wooden tables are one of the big demanded. More and more bars, restaurants or pubs decide to incorporate them in their premises for their versatility and timelessness. We have of pine wood tables, white or tropical wood among others.

    Metal tables

    Our metal tables combine with all types of establishments, have great strength and some like aluminum are easy to transport.

    Rate also refer to other materials: tables in resin, plastic, marble, melamine, werzalit, phenolic compact

    Round board tables

    More and more cafes and bars prefer a round design board that takes better advantage of space and a more casual style to the place. Among them you can find a variety of colors, materials and heights.

    Square and rectangular table tables

    For a more sober and classic style the square and rectangular table top is the best choice and the most used by restaurants of design.

    Folding, folding or stackable tables

    If you do not have enough space in your establishment or prefer to adapt it to the number of clients each day, ideally you should choose this type of folding, collapsible or stackable tables Easy to use they are also very light and adapt to all kinds of situations.

    High tables

    Preferred by bars. The high tables give a more casual style in addition to providing more space. In our catalog you will find many varieties among which is the increasingly demanded high bar table with use both with stools and standing.

    Central foot tables

    The central foot tables are chosen by many of our customers due to the convenience of having only one foot and being able to accommodate a larger number of guests. . Its design, although already classic, continues to be successful in the most modern restaurants and bars.

    Vintage tables

    The vintage tables in wood or metal have become in recent years indispensable elements to achieve a cozy and avant-garde style in any cafeteria or restaurant.

    We have the material of the main national manufacturers of professional hotel furniture, such as RESOL, EZPELETA, MUEBLES ROMERO, ALUTEC, ISI CONTACTR, etc. We also have import material for the replicas of the design classics.

  • Do you not know where to buy furniture for your restaurant? In the catalogue of catering DESKandSIT we have the best chairs hospitality: chairs, terrace design, wooden chairs for coffee shop, chairs of american bar...

    Engage your customers by offering the best with our materials more comfortable and more modern designs. Whatever your establishment, a rustic tavern, a café, a vintage or a terrace chill out, in our catalogue we have the proper chair that will combine with your contract tables.

    Types of chairs for restaurant

    Do you wonder where to buy furniture for a restaurant? In DESKandSIT we know the features that require the chairs of the hospitality industry such as lightness and resistance. We guarantee a wide range of chairs with innovative designs and materials to care for your clients to enjoy their stay in your establishment and want to repeat the experience.

    Discover our original articles for a furniture for restaurants modern, metal chairs & bar chairs vintage cheap in one of our 6 categories of chairs of hospitality.


    Chairs with arms are designed to ensure the comfort of your customers. In addition, they will give your restaurant or cafe a touch of sophistication that you can combine with our catalog. One of the essentials is the armchair bistrot, but if you are looking for an industrial style, you can get the fantastic armchairs director.

    Metal chairs

    The metal chairs are increasingly in demand because of the advantages it offered as its lightness in the case of those made of aluminum or stainless steel, and for its ease to clean, a factor very relevant in the hospitality industry.

    Wooden chairs

    Our catalog of wooden chairs is very heterogeneous, it is found different types of wood, such as pine, the tropical or the hague.

    Include the chairs of patchwork, and the banks vintage.

    Rattan chairs

    This exotic material from the palm trees of Indonesia and west Africa and it is a material very much used in chairs outside both in its natural version as in the version of synthetic rattan. The variety of designs that allow for its components, as well as its resistance and durability, makes it the perfect choice for furniture hospitality industry in terrace.

    Folding or stackable chairs

    Offers maximum space to your clients with the stacking chairs of DESKandSIT. In this way, though they are few diners, there will be empty chairs and you'll be adding them as they come. They are also perfect for terraces.

    Chairs design

    Choose from our range of chairs more flirty. We have the style of Louis XV made in the current materials, the replicas of the design tulip, or retro style as our chair of beech wood with finishing in varnish. The best quality and innovation at affordable prices.

    Why buy chairs hospitality DESKandSIT?

    Since 2011 in DESKandSIT we offer a catalog heterogeneous in chairs of hospitality , that offer the maximum guarantees of quality thanks to brands such as Resol, Isimar, Vondom, PLM or Ezpeleta.

    The delivery service is fast, the prices affordable and our customer service team composed of experts in the hospitality sector, are some of the features that each year make us grow and earn the trust of our customers.

    Do not hesitate and if you have not yet decided by the chair of hospitality for your establishment, please contact us by email deskandsit@deskandsit.com you can also call us at phone  +34 902090785 and we will  be happy to advise you. Enjoy the advantages of buying on DESKandSIT.

  • Large catalogue of high tables  and stools designed for outdoor and indoor use. Ideal for bar terraces, swimming pools, straw huts, rest rooms, outdoor relaxation area.

    High tables, for standing or sitting on stools, are a good alternative in areas too small to accommodate a low table, but they offer customers more convenience and privacy than a counter. Everything you need for your company. Find on our website the product that will match the layout of your premises.

    Why choose CHR tables and stools?

    Having a space adapted to your work environment is very important for the coherence of the restaurant but also for the customer. If the space is not professional or there is a lack of decoration, the client will not be comfortable. However, if your space matches the image you want to convey, the customer will feel confident and more welcoming.

    If you do not want to change all the seasons of furniture, opt for professional CHR furniture because it is suitable for heavy use. It is therefore mandatory for you to invest in quality equipment, specifically created for your institutions like yours.

    What is your style?

    There are several table styles for restaurants, tables, cafés and hotels. For example, you can buy a table made of wood, stainless steel, teak, etc. It is up to you to choose the shape and size of your table, it can be round, square, rectangular, very low, medium or very high. It is even possible that she has crossed feet, or a central foot or four feet.

    Whether it is made of wood, aluminium, stainless steel, steel or plastic, the standing manure can easily find its place whatever the concept and style of your establishment.
    For example, aluminum or chrome models will give vitality to your part. The black structures will bring sobriety and elegance. The wooden structures, on the other hand, will give an authentic and natural appearance to the room. It's up to you to choose what your future bar table will look like.

    Do not hesitate to contact our professionals who will answer you and advise you on your desires, budgets or even questions.

  • The windscreen terrace as we have in our catalog DESKandSIT, they are very useful to retain the comfort that must give you the terraces of restaurants, cafes, bars and other commercial establishments.

    Especially during periods of winter in which these spaces must be acclimate for clients to continue to feel comfortable, the windscreen for the terrace can be used together with other furnishings such as screens, sun shades, curtains, windscreens, among others.

    These can be very useful to maintain a pleasant climate in the terraces, no matter the time of year that you are protecting the customers from the ravages of heat or cold excessive.

    Advantages of buying patio screens for terrace

    The purchase of windbreakers for terrace can be extremely beneficial to the local in which there is a terrace, because they protect clients that have direct exposure to wind, sun or that can get very cold in the winter, being able to stand out for the following advantages:


    In our catalog of windscreens for terrace we have a variety of models, which have an excellent relation between quality and price, because these are some of the best brands existing in the market.

    There is a wide variety of prices, windscreen terrace, which will help you can choose the model that best fit the budget and features that you want to find in one of these protective elements.


    The windscreen for the terrace have been made with the best materials, which guarantee their resistance and durability when they are installed on the terraces in which they are to use.

    Our guests have at their disposal the best brands of windscreens for terrace market, with the purpose of you can choose the one that is of your preference and choose a model to meet your terraces and can give comfort to its customers, who can feel protected from the extreme weather conditions.


    In our on-line catalog of windscreens to terrace, we have a diversity of models in relation to the size. We have screens of different heights, from spacers boxes of 80cm of height to screens 180cm high. Or, for maximum protection, curtain 200cm of height to hang from theshade of the professional range of hospitality.The screens windscreens are modular – usually 1 to 2 meters long - and you can get close the deck perimeter by adding as many modules as necessary.

    This will facilitate the choice of a model that can be fit adequately into the space you want to cover. Using these windproof terrace, you will be able to keep protected the terrace or the place where employed.

    Where to buy windscreen for terraces?

    If you have decided to buy a windscreen terrace, in our online store DESKandSIT, you can have the best items to keep protected the terraces of your business and give your customers the warmth in which you want to perform.

    Get in contact with us and we will offer you the best alternatives in furniture for hospitality, office furniture or school furniture, answering each of your questions around our products.

  • Selection of vintage furniture: chairs, hospitality vintage design classic with a retro, rustic and contemporary to the time. Designs of the 19th century, updated in terms of its production and materials: a collection of FERMOB furniture for hotels, catering and terrace: the classic chair Bistrot de FERMOB foldable in different finishes and colourful collection wood game tables with foot cast collection TOLIX furniture metal chairs and tables bistro for catering recreate a cozy atmosphere.

    Timeless designs and very durareros by their characteristics. Chairs, tables, stools and stools, metal vintage style rustic. Matching chairs in different finishes: chairs in walnut wood, with stool and bench seat to game, with and without arms, couches of wood and also chairs and tables type bistrot for terraces of cafes. Creates a good atmosphere in your bar, restaurant or cafe giving it an air of classical , and at the same time very current. To have furniture both indoor and terrace, you can achieve a warm atmosphere and make the customer feel at ease. The tables, most of them have feet of cast iron in various sizes, both small tables for cafes, tables in larger restaurants.

    Also high tables for standing or with bar stools. The stools bistro wood walnut color are available with backrest and without backrest, as well as with arms games with the armchair of wood.

    The different types of tables industrial and vintage

    In DESKandSIT, come and discover the wide range of tables vintage. From long tables industrial until small round tables, to choose the materials that best suit your needs: a nice table of solid wood, or a table compact phenolic or wood painted in different colors. What more either aluminum or galvanized steel? You can redesign your restaurant or bar using a table industrial wood with a metal rack, or renew your bar with one of our tables that combine wood with metal, but also cast iron and marble.

    We offer you huge possibilities of combinations of tables and personalized advice to enrich your interior or even exterior. The tables have been designed with a vintage spirit: more than functional objects, these pieces of furniture of industrial style are the nexus of union between the old workshops and the interiors of today. The tables transform your interior to create a decoration of character with a charm firmly authentic. Combining a table with industrial metal or a marble table with our selection of chairs vintage, or a stool , you'll get a balanced set but atypical.

    Choose between a rectangular table with a center support or a large dining table round. Designed to last, the tables are made with quality materials and durablewood, metal, aluminum, cast iron and steel.
    We have tables with boards of varnished wood that ensures the protection against accidents everyday.

    We also have wood panels rustic or aged. To create an environment that suits your bar or restaurant. You can also combine your dining table with other items in the same style: for indoor harmonious, we recommend that you combine your masterpiece with step stools or small metal cabinets, a piece of furniture, industrial wood and metal shelf, industrial metal. Do not forget to give importance to the lighting!

    Chairs industrial and vintage we have to offer

    Discover a selection of seating from bar industrial and vintage that are perfectly suited to your space, restaurant or bar. We offer different models of chairs and a bar and restaurant to offer the maximum possible combination for the interior decoration.

    Furniture industrial, but also furniture retro, according to their tastes in terms of the interior design of your establishment. If you're looking for a stool of industrial design, such as a stool made of metal or a wooden stool, find it here. With our bar stools industrial chairs and cafeteria industry, we are able to meet the needs of all those who wish to equip your bar or restaurant with seats original and modern.

    Stylish and practical in the daily life, the bar stool industrial is a piece of furniture sturdy and stable. If you have a bar, creates a nice place adding seating to a bar, or a bar stool, vintage, and a simple one, you'll get a more warm and welcoming, where the industrial decoration will prefer to play with the authenticity and the look crude. ¡ You can also add lights !

    Backless, wooden stool vintage will be a good complement to any piece of rustic style: a high stool is always an advantage in a bar, near a high table for example. A model with a backrest to enhance the comfort of the chairs and armchairs and give you a style that is more sophisticated and warm; we advise that you complete your decor with a old closet vintage.

    Stable and reliable, will keep for many years: its timeless style and versatility allow them to survive the years to adapt to the evolutions of your business. With its solid wood and its comfortable seating, will appeal to lovers of the environments of coffee bistro and authentic decoration.
  • Outdoor patio heaters and misting fans

    The terrace of a room: a bar, a restaurant, a vintage cafeteria ... There is something that all the premises need to attract customers to their terrace: air conditioning the terrace with heaters, stoves and gas or electric terrace fans. Among the wide range of heaters you will find the one you need for the terrace of all kinds of restaurants and bars, from the most informal to the stylish and elegant restaurants. At DESKandSIT we have a wide variety of prices and models. Check it in our catalog!

    Do you want to discover all the models?

    With the heaters and outdoor stoves for bar and restaurant terraces you can create the atmosphere you want in your premises. For this, we have different models

    The most popular terrace stoves are mushroom-shaped hospitality gas heaters. You must place the ones you need according to the size of your terrace to create a cozy atmosphere. They will be perfect to attract customers to your store. We also have this year's star product, electric heaters without light.

    In our catalog you will find the two most demanded models: gas patio heaters. The former can be placed anywhere outside, without the need for prior installation. It is placed and turned on. No more Very simple and flexible. The latter allow greater integration in the design of the terrace, do not take up space and will combine perfectly with modern, informal and casual places.

    If you are looking for evaporative fans, we have the most current models and with different water capacity to be able to be in operation the hours that your local needs. And if you are looking for basic models with affordable prices, move the filters in the section until you find the most economical models.

    Why buy patio heaters and terrace misting fans at DESKandSIT?

    In DESKandSIT we care about customers, and we are 100% present in the entire process of buying, shipping and delivering the product. From the moment you click on the shopping cart, our team of professionals will supervise the entire process until your destination is delivered within a maximum period of 15 business days. In addition, if the delivery is outside Spain, you will only have to register to get Taxfree prices for companies with intra-community NIF.

    DESKandSIT has a one-year warranty on all its products and in case of defective product the repair or automatic replacement will be carried out free of charge.

    In addition, most of our products are delivered assembled. What are you waiting for to buy your terrace stove? If you have any questions call 902 090 785 or fill out our form. We will be happy to assist you.

    You may also be interested ...

  • Folding tables and chairs. All the necessary equipment to furnish and equip your banquets or events: folding tables, folding seats, high cocktail tables for standing dinners, folding stools, etc. We have a large number of references to be able to send the desired furniture immediately.In addition, it is important to mix this type of furniture with classic hotel furniture.

    DESKandSIT offers you a wide range of cheap folding furniture: simple or designer, to organise a meal, an exam or any other event.... Here you can find the model you need at a low price. This means that you will be provided with quality interior equipment, while respecting the imposed budget.

    The advantages of folding furniture

    Round or rectangular plastic folding tables are the most practical model for your parties or receptions. It must be said that the models of folding furniture have many undeniable advantages for catering professionals or for your events...: lightweight, anti-UV, with a thick tray with rounded corners, ultra-resistant, reinforced structure under the tray. Need to equip your room for an event, organize receptions. Are you a professional? Foldable plastic, melamine, tilting, small, large, round, rectangular or even square furniture is ideal for your activities.

    The products we sell are always subject to resistance constraints, we are concerned about quality, our community tables are designed for intensive use.

    This indoor equipment offers real advantages for professionals who lack storage space. Because after use, simply fold your table to save a lot of space. Installation is also simplified since it is enough to unfold the folding table to prepare for the reception of guests and speakers.

    Folding tables have many advantages. In addition to a small size once folded, they can be easily transported during a party. They can be assembled in a few seconds and their low weight makes them very practical. Just as resistant as traditional tables, they are as easy to maintain - all you have to do is rinse with water.

    Do not hesitate to ask for more information on folding furniture.

    When choosing folding furniture, ask yourself if it will be useful where you want to put it and if it will be stored when it is not used, because we have the transport trolleys...

    Make sure that its size matches that of the other furniture in your room, do not hesitate to look in our catalogue. A folding table can accommodate a large number of people in a minimum of space. For example, a round table of 8 people is perfect for receptions or even a family meal.

    You can complete your decoration with exterior lights that work with batteries and that you can put anywhere without worrying about electrical cables or connections.

    You hesitate, you don't know which model is made for your use to best fit the use you need. Send us a form or call us at 902090785 for professional advice.

  • Having a terrace for your restaurant or cafe is essential if we seek to offer a quality service to the customers. DESKandSIT will give you the opportunity to create a terrace with its own style in both summer as in winter, thanks to our umbrellas for decks.

    Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in our catalog: a parasol rectangular for garden, offers sun umbrellas for decks, umbrella waterproof for terrace or parasols design. All in a wide variety of colours, with the possibility of choosing the base and masts, in the centre or on the side.  Play with the combinations and customize your deck with economic shade.

    Types of terrace Umbrellas

    Depending on the size:

    - The size of the umbrella is the main reason for choosing one sun visor or another.

    The sunshades for terraces to medium sized are a great option, as they cover the sizes most in demand, measures between 3 and 4 meters in width and length.

    - However, if you do not have a large space on the terrace of your restaurant or coffee shop, umbrellas for decks that you will choose are those that are between 2 and 3 meters in length. And if you prefer umbrellas of big dimensions, in our catalog reaches 5 meters.

    According to the form:

    - It is more and more common to find parasols for terraces, restaurants, in square or rectangular shapes because it is easier to place them without any space between them. Another advantage is the ease of placing a spinal canal (gutter).

    - However, if you are looking to buy a parasol for garden with charm, the best are round. In our catalogue you can find them in different sizes and colors to give a vintage style.

    According to the materials:

    - The most common because of their resistance are the parasols with mast, bars and rods of aluminium, but if you want to stand out from the competition and offer a rustic or zen, parasols, wooden garden are the best option.

    - As far as the umbrella material is concerned, we offer polyester to repel rainwater and also acrylic fabric. All this in a variety of colours, including white, raw and grey.

    To complete the package, we have different basic proposalsfor each of the umbrellas in our catalogue. This mode is adapted to the weight and shape of the hoodand ensures the stability and supply of the unit.

    We offer: cement bases, metal bases, bases fixed to the floor and recessed cemented.

    In addition, it is very likely that you will need the curtains windscreens of 2, 3 and 4 metres, ideal along with the heaters exterior to be able to enable your deck in the colder months. And for the months of heat, fan evaporative.

    Our other products are: the channel verteaguas, the sleeve for sun visors and the steering wheel side.

    In DESKandSIT design the Umbrellas for terrace

    The sunshades for terraces of our catalog to offer the possibility to be customized from the unit, under budget.

    The garden or terrace will be completely to your taste and will advise customers of the place in which they find themselves, thanks to the possibility of adding the logo or name of your company.

    Call or contact us if you wish to purchase sunshades for terraces in DESKandSIT. We will inform you of the advantages of our shipping terms, and payment methods.

    Trust the design and ergonomics of its terrace to the experts in the hospitality industry and buy umbrellas online from our website.

  • Sunloungers chairs and hammocks

    Are you looking to buy furniture for the pool or beach of your hotel or sports complex? In DESKandSIT we have a wide catalog of the best stackable sunbeds and hammocks, loungers with rear wheel, metal loungers ...

    Get to attract customers with the most comfortable sun loungers and modern design. You can combine them with the auxiliary tables and with the hospitality umbrellas.

    Types of sun loungers for swimming pools

    It is important to know the main characteristics of the deckchairs to be able to choose the most suitable model: the weight of the sun lounger, the resistance and its comfort that depends on the material in which they are made. We have a wide variety of sunbeds with a wide range of prices and very careful designs to improve the experience of your customers.

    Stackable loungers

    For the terraces that must be collected daily, an essential point is that the chairs are piled up and that their weight is the minimum possible. In this case, resin loungers are recommended, such as the classic MASTER or MARINA lounge chairs and the most modern SKY loungers or the aluminum and textilene loungers, such as the legendary BARCELONETA lounge chair.

    Synthetic rattan sun loungers

    Rattan loungers combine the most classic aesthetic with the use of resin in the same product. They are very resistant loungers that allow to combine the finish of the terrace chairs with the same color, material and finish as the loungers in the pool, to give a uniform image. We have collections of hospitality furniture that incorporate pieces of all these sections.

    Design sun loungers

    Choose from our range of most innovative sun loungers. We have loungers with very current designs to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pools. Always proposing sunbeds with a high level of quality and durability (essential by the sea or in contact with the chlorine of the pool) without forgetting the aesthetic at very competitive prices.

    Double day-beds

    We can not forget the new trends. If you have space, what better way to offer your clients double sunbeds or canopy or canopy beds. Clients are impressed with the intimacy they generate. Not to mention, you get a very elegant terrace image. You can find double beds made of aluminum and tropical woods.

    Folding hammocks

    If, on the other hand, you have a small space, or you are looking for more rotation in your pool, you can combine the lounge chairs with folding hammocks. Aesthetically they are very attractive, and at the same time it is an economical and practical product. The folding hammocks can also complete the terrace of a bar, offering a more chillout atmosphere. We also have the most classic metal hammocks in the French style. Dress up your colorful terrace with aluminum hammocks to create the most cosmopolitan lounge.

    Sofas and poufs for chillout terraces

    The swimming pool and beach terrace areas can be completed with sofas and chillout poufs, provided they are made in the appropriate fabrics. We have upholstered sofas in nautical vinyl. This resistant fabric allows to offer these products at the foot of the pool or beach without sacrificing comfort.

    Why buy sun loungers at DESKandSIT?

    In our catalog we have the best brands which allows us to advise you so that you can incorporate the deckchair or hammock that best suits your needs into your business: the legendary Spanish sunloungers brands Resol and Ezpeleta are complemented by the Portuguese sun loungers by Joluce and the most modern sun loungers by ISIMAR.

    Do not hesitate and if you need help we can contact us by filling out our form or by email. You can also call us by phone and we will gladly advise you.

  • Your local deserves the most sophisticated clientele and eclectic across the city. If you're looking to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer a relaxed and modern, take a look at our furniture led catalog DESKandSIT.

    Aware that the lounge rooms and chill out areas have become a fundamental requirement for any upscale restaurant or pub, we offer all kind of furniture led: From a chair lounge to a planter led.

    We stock a large variety of them with led lights and other in white color without interior light so that you can renew your terrace furniture or provide an elegant furniture for events.

    What a led table, a bar, outdoor bar, or a lamp?

    Regardless of the size of your restaurant or bar, it will not suffice to dispose of sofas with led lights and bars outside. If you really want to create a unique environment, you must take care to the last detail.

    Some of our furniture led are:

    Sofa with led lights: All of our sofas offer an innovative design that combines perfectly with the rest of furniture led.

    Chairs and armchairs illuminated: To take care of the look of your garden furniture should get a light touch. What will the mix of chairs and armchairs of different sizes and shapes, but all with the possibility of illuminating the night.

    Stools and banquettes led: they Are a fundamental piece inside of the furniture led to get a chill out ambience. Allow the rest of your customers whilst ensuring the style fresh and young looking.

    Tables and bars outside: To match the bar stools are necessary in the high tables or bars outside, becoming more and more popular in the hospitality industry. You can choose between straight or curved and when combined will give your local proper disposal. We also have low tables with or without lighting.

    Planter led: Not all of it is the functionality, if you really want to stand out, a planter led will guarantee you lounge rooms elegant and coquettish that will differentiate themselves from the competition.

    In addition, we have furniture led that you will not find in any other place, as the original built-in ice bucket for drinks or our cubes, that make the times table and pouf.

    And if you believe that your local still is not bright enough, combine them with our successful lamps.

    Enjoy the advantages of buying on DESKandSIT

    Our furniture gives you the possibility to choose between two forms of lighting: lamp with cord and LED bulb or lamp with solar charge and USB with LED bulb RGB.

    Any of these products you can buy through our online catalogue, which features a seal of quality of sales through the internet , and offers in addition a variety of payment methods.

    Not late and decide, within a maximum of 15 days will have their furniture led to adorn their gardens, or to renew the terrace of his establishment.

    If you want to know more before buying at DESKandSIT fill out our form with your questions or suggestions. We will be delighted to help you.

  • The terraces and gardens are one of the main attractions to enjoy any restaurant, bar or cafeteria. If you are looking to make the most of your establishment, DESKandSIT has outdoor sofas and puffs specially designed to make your environment more welcoming.

    Our outdoor sofas and puffs are fundamental pieces that not only adorn the spaces dedicated to leisure, but also become functional elements around which the activity of your restaurant or cafeteria will revolve.

    If you've ever dreamed of decorating your terrace with sofas or including designer terrace furniture, at DESKandSIT you can make it happen by sliding the filters in our online catalogue.

    As a shop selling outdoor furniture, we have an immense amount of outdoor sofas and puffs along with other types of catering furniture.

    Sofas for terraces and much more

    DESKandSIT outdoor sofas and puffs come with a set of furniture specially designed for terraces and gardens.

    Some of its common features are its materials designed to withstand adverse weather conditions: injected polypropylene, fiberglass, synthetic rattan, etc.. They also include protection against UV rays so that the colour does not fade by light, and water evacuation systems in some cases.


    We have armchairs of different sizes, shapes and materials. These include the rattan and synthetic rattan armchair, ideal for gardens, and the Aruba model armchair, which is stackable. Perfect for premises that store the furniture inside.
    Some of the added features you can find in our comfortable armchairs are reclining seats and footrests. In addition, ergonomics and design go hand in hand. The vintage armchairs stand out.


    Among our great variety of garden sofas, some have the advantage of being modular, that is, they can be combined to create the desired spaces. We have sofas with two, three and up to four seats with optional cushions. Many of them are stackable for easy storage.

    Whether you need an aluminum outdoor sofa or a wooden outdoor sofa, all materials are in our catalog.


    The majority of our poufs are of design
    because they are the most outstanding product of terraces and gardens of hotel trade. You can find them in different colours, sizes and with or without backrest. Some can be used as low tables or footrests. Functionality is one more reason to get hold of them.

    DESKandSIT, your outdoor furniture store

    At DESKandSIT we guarantee the quality of our outdoor sofas and puffs as well as other furniture.

    If you are looking to completely renovate your premises, our sets of sofas in combination with side tables and poufs are the right choice.

    And if you don't want to give up on design, DESKandSIT is one of the garden furniture shops that guarantees impeccable style thanks to designers such as Giancarlo Bisaglia, Joan Gaspar and Josep Lluscà.

    Finally, if you would like to know more about our outdoor sofas and puffs before you buy them, please fill in our form or call us on 902 090 785. We will be delighted to help you.

  • Extensive catalog of side tables to complete the design of your premises, bar, restaurant or business. Tables for use in different areas: tables for waiting rooms, coffee tables for sofa area, tables to accompany puffs in areas informale type chilloout, etc. Tables for hotel and contract. 

    Everything you need for your restaurants or business. Aluminum stools of classic and modern design. Furniture in different materials to adapt to different styles of interior design: aged vintage tables and stools with retro designaluminumlacquered wood, etc. 

    Find among our proposals the product that is in accordance with the design and characteristics of your premises. Side tables are usually small and can be placed near other furniture or other spaces to have useful objects (a lamp, clock, books, etc.) at hand. 

    A side table can be categorized according to its properties such as style, manufacturing material or function. 

    More than just a side table 

    In addition to storing small objects, it can be used for several special activities. It can be designed to support a laptop computer or to eat in front of a television, to rest your feet or even simply to put a flower pot. It can be more or less long and thus allow several activities to be carried out at the same time. It can even be used as an additional seat. 


    A side table can be designed for indoor or outdoor use, and can be foldable or mobile. In public or commercial spaces such as bars, hotels or libraries, it can be placed near a seat to provide space for drinks, board games or even personal effects. 

    Available in many different styles, side tables can take many different shapes from the table with design and simple lines to the simple solid wood block. They can be made of rattan, wood, plastic, steel or even glass. 

    If you have any doubts, please contact us! 

    When choosing the side table, ask yourself if it will be useful where you want to put it and if it will be stored when not in use. 

    Make sure that its style adapts to that of the other furniture in your establishment, do not hesitate to look in our catalogue. A side table can give character to a space. For example, a wooden side table with natural lines leaves the space with a spirit of nature and conviviality, and can therefore create an interesting visual effect. 

    Finally, if you would like to find out more about our side tables before you buy them, please fill in our form or call us on 902 090 785. We will be delighted to help you. 

  • In order to complete the layout of your restaurant room, your collective spaces, reception, training room, we offer you small utility furniture: dustbins, changing tables, paintings for restaurants or hotels, furniture, cellar for wine bottles.

    To make your reception hall warmer and more comfortable, in this section you will find robust complementary furniture, but also in the "home accessories" section you will find more products to bring life to your environment.

    Thanks to this complementary furniture for companies, you will be able to decorate in a practical and aesthetic way your reception halls, seminar rooms, exhibition spaces, break rooms, or your company cafeterias.

    A range of complementary furniture for your spaces

    These furniture for restaurants, companies have their place everywhere, often utilitarian like our changing tables, our wooden cellars, wastebasket furniture, coat racks... We also offer posters and signs, stickers, plaques with inscriptions, as well as posters (emergency exits, fire extinguishers, etc.).

    Space dividers are also accessories that can be used to dress your spaces, ribbon or rope posts to mark the corners or to indicate a passage.

    Everything you need to make your premises more functional and pleasant. We choose quality furniture for you.

    DESKandSit is at your side to advise you in your choice of professional furniture. Contact us to find out how we can help you or submit your needs.

  • How to furnish my cafeteria, bar or restaurant?

    We are going to start a new adventure. We are going to open our new restaurant, cafe or bar and we want everything to be perfect.

    In the market we find an infinite variety of products: different styles, variety of designs, lots of materials and a huge range of prices. We are specialists in interior and terrace design and decoration of cafes and bars. Therefore, we will help you throughout the process to create or renovate your restaurant.

    Since we know that the choice of hospitality furniture and terrace equipment is very difficult, we have made a selection of products to facilitate this task: In our catalog we have all the furniture necessary to equip or renovate the room and terrace of your premises , classifying all the products by type of product:

    Starting with the tables for bars and the chairs for cafeterias, giving them the importance they deserve, we have a catalog with hundreds of possibilities. In our catalog you will find the products (tables, chairs, parasols, screens, heaters, stools, etc.) ordered by relevance, finding the most popular products first. But each of the sections can be ordered by price. These 2 searches (relevance and price) being the most common.

    Here we propose some images as an example, but really the variety and possibilities of combining products to decorate the terrace are almost endless.

    The selection of the tables may be one of the most complicated. You should think about what type of base is needed: Tables with central feet to improve the ergonomics of our client and that the table feet do not interfere with the placement of diners or stackable tables for the terrace. Tables with a central base with a folding table are also very useful. A 2 for 1 of the most practical.

    Once the type of structure has been chosen, you will have to choose the size of the tables to suit the room and, of course, the material. Although the budget may condition some of these decisions, in our table catalog you will find tables of different styles, shapes, bases and prices. 

    And how do we choose the cafeteria chair?

    Surely, the chair is the product of your store that has the most impact on the customer. The tables are dressed, in many cases, with tablecloths, but the chair is always in sight and, most importantly, in direct contact with the client. The chair must be comfortable so that the client feels comfortable. The materials and colors of the cafeteria and restaurant chairs must be chosen according to the aesthetics that you want to give to the premises. In any case, comfort for the client and practicality for room workers must be ensured: do we need stackable terrace chairs? In this case, we look at the weight of the chair to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the room or terrace. Do we have a small space? Let's find a narrow chair. Do we want to give a modern touch? Let's combine designs or colors in the same room or terrace. In our catalog you will find countless combinations.

    And how do I complete my terrace with dividers, screens and parasols?

    We all know that the terrace is essential to attract customers to the interior of our premises. The terrace must have a very careful appearance and, above all, it must be consistent with the rest of the premises. For this reason, we even have models of chairs and tables that can be used both indoors and outdoors. But most importantly: the selection of parasols and other elements such as dividers, pots, planters or screens for hospitality will determine the aesthetics of the terrace.

    Large parasols are a must. They allow having a large area where tables and chairs can be placed without the hassle of the masts (the larger the parasols, the fewer number of masts and the easier it is to place tables on the terrace). But not only that: the large parasols give the terraces of the cafeterias and restaurants that quality aspect that we want to transmit to our clients, moving away from the aesthetics of the small advertising parasols.

    Of course, we also have small parasols to adapt any terrace. Small parasols are ideal in areas where you cannot fix the parasols to the ground, or if you want to put a parasol on a table, such as in pool bars or even for beach loungers, etc.

    Examples of bar and cafe facilities

    If you need ideas, do not hesitate to browse our catalog, where you will find many images with examples of facilities and cafeteria types where images of real cafeterias are related to product proposals (chairs, tables and stools) that fit in style to help you decorate your new business or renovate or update your premises.

The furniture for restaurants and cafeterias can be difficult to combine with the style of your local, the dishes or the space that you have. In DESKandSIT we offer a huge variety of furniture for restaurants and cafesas well as bars and terraces, and we help you to decorate your local with the best examples. Check our catalog!

The furniture of catering you need for your local

There is a wide range of furniture to hospitality, to choose the best for your restaurant you should take into account the material, the size, the price and especially the style of the restaurant, because that is not the same use bar chairs to furniture to hotels.

Tables and chairs catering for any establishment

If you haven't already chosen some of the particularities that should have their tables and chairs for restaurant, in the sections of tables catering chairs and catering you can find a great variety from which to choose. You can buy chairs for a local modern as the INFINITI or tables for indoor use of all types.

Tables and chairs for bar

Furniture for restaurants and cafes includes the high tables, bar, chairs, bar and even a cocktail cabinet. That is to say, everything you need to attract your customers and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Give your coffee shop a vintage style

In recent years the vintage ornaments she has been featured in the furniture for restaurants and cafes. In DESKandSIT we are always the last and we offer a wide variety of wood tables and chairs, which together with our furniture-style bistrot will give your local a touch of retro or industrial needs.

What is best for your deck

We also have furniture for restaurants and cafes with terrace. In our catalog you will find outdoor tables and chairs, sofas and bean bags for a chill out and even sun loungers and umbrellas for their customers to enjoy the best of the summer. And for the cold season you will find spacers that will cut the wind and stoves to warm the terraces.

The small details make the difference

Although the furniture for restaurants and cafes is composed primarily of tables and chairs in different sizes and materials, small add-ons are the ones that truly give personality and make the difference between a restaurant good and one of 5 stars. In our catalogue you will find a bottle rack, a whiteboard, a folding or a cart waiter to turn your restaurant into a local first.

In DESKandSIT we have the best furniture for restaurants and cafes that you can imagine. See the different sections and you will discover the furniture of restaurant that will appeal to all of its customers. Call us at +34 902 090 785 or fill out our form if you want to know the terms and conditions of shipping or payment methods. We will be happy to assist you.