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Contract furniture 

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The furniture for restaurants and cafeterias can be difficult to combine with the style of your local, the dishes or the space that you have. In DESKandSIT we offer a huge variety of furniture for restaurants and cafesas well as bars and terraces, and we help you to decorate your local with the best examples. Check our catalog!

The furniture of catering you need for your local

There is a wide range of furniture to hospitality, to choose the best for your restaurant you should take into account the material, the size, the price and especially the style of the restaurant, because that is not the same use bar chairs to furniture to hotels.

Tables and chairs catering for any establishment

If you haven't already chosen some of the particularities that should have their tables and chairs for restaurant, in the sections of tables catering chairs and catering you can find a great variety from which to choose. You can buy chairs for a local modern as the INFINITI or tables for indoor use of all types.

Tables and chairs for bar

Furniture for restaurants and cafes includes the high tables, bar, chairs, bar and even a cocktail cabinet. That is to say, everything you need to attract your customers and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Give your coffee shop a vintage style

In recent years the vintage ornaments she has been featured in the furniture for restaurants and cafes. In DESKandSIT we are always the last and we offer a wide variety of wood tables and chairs, which together with our furniture-style bistrot will give your local a touch of retro or industrial needs.

What is best for your deck

We also have furniture for restaurants and cafes with terrace. In our catalog you will find outdoor tables and chairs, sofas and bean bags for a chill out and even sun loungers and umbrellas for their customers to enjoy the best of the summer. And for the cold season you will find spacers that will cut the wind and stoves to warm the terraces.

The small details make the difference

Although the furniture for restaurants and cafes is composed primarily of tables and chairs in different sizes and materials, small add-ons are the ones that truly give personality and make the difference between a restaurant good and one of 5 stars. In our catalogue you will find a bottle rack, a whiteboard, a folding or a cart waiter to turn your restaurant into a local first.

In DESKandSIT we have the best furniture for restaurants and cafes that you can imagine. See the different sections and you will discover the furniture of restaurant that will appeal to all of its customers. Call us at +34 902 090 785 or fill out our form if you want to know the terms and conditions of shipping or payment methods. We will be happy to assist you.