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Swivel chairs 

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    The ergonomic chair for excellence. Ringo chair is designed and thought for children. The chair that grows with your child, suitable for children to teenagers, from 110 to 160cm in height. By the movement of the backrest will adjust to: seat depth (to the back of the child is in contact with the chair) and the height of the backrest, (for which the...

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      Swivel desk chair with permanent contact. Armrest included. Backrest in mesh and upholstered seat in black fabric.

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      Office chair with backrest in mesh with mechanism tilting and height adjustment. Ideal for office and home office due to their small size. Armrest included. Seat in black color.

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        Swivel study chair with a very fun and modern design. Great color scheme. Upholstered seat as an option. gas system for height adjustment. White base made of polyamide. Seat and backrest in plastic shell in a wide range of colors. Swivel chair chair. Height adjustable . Upholstered seat in different colors as an option. White nylon base.

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        Swivel chair with soft castors for parquet, SCANDINAVA model, lift height adjustable with gas piston, finished with chrome base and polypropylene housing with vinyl seat in black or white colors.

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        Technical chair with tilting mechanism and gas lift system with fix armrest.

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        10 days delivery around EUROPE High-back swivel chair and permanent contact mechanism for offices, classrooms, schools, etc. Upholstered chair in blue, black, red and gray. Base in black polypropylene. See option chair with arms. 10 days delivery around EUROPE

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          Ergonomically designed high-back, swivel with synchro mechanism, study and computer game armchair. Supports arms included. Combined upholstery: imitation leather available in various colors.

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          Gamer armchair for study and computer game with ergonomic design of mesh backrest, swivel with synchro mechanism. Supports adjustable height arms included.

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          Contemporary design executive chair, high back, adjustable height with gas piston, with advanced multifunctionmechanisme, upholstered in mesh. Chrome Base.

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          Designed chair swivel with armrest, nylon base and rubber wheels. All the details are chair are carefully thought out by your designer Rafa Ortega. The shape of the swivel base, distinguishes it from other chairs in its class, like the hitch-chrome between the seat and the backrest. The collection is complete with the chairs fixed to 4 feet.

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          High-back swivel chair and permanent contact mechanism for offices, classrooms, schools, etc. Upholstered chair in blue, black, red and gray. Base in black polypropylene. See option chair with arms. 10 days delivery around EUROPE

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            Ergonomic high backrest chair with armrest adjustable in height in black color. Ideal chair for use in offices, study, escuales, etc. Upholstered chair in blue, black, red and gray. Base in black polypropylene. See option chair without arms. 10 days delivery around EUROPE

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              Technical synchro chair. Optional adjustable armrest. Back rest mesh in different colors. Europe delivery time: 10 days

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                10 days delivery around EUROPE Swivel high-back swing armchair. National armchair of robust construction that incorporates mechanism of regulation in height by piston of gas and rests rounded ergonomic arms to avoid blows made in black polypropylene. Use for offices, offices and home office, study, etc. Upholstered armchair in blue, black, red and gray....

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                The comfort of children is one of the main concerns of parents, so use chairs for youth desk, can help them to carry out their school, college or university tasks, feeling willing to learn and maintaining a proper posture

                The chairs for youth desk like the ones we have in our extensive catalog DESKandSIT, have excellent features that will allow those who use them to feel at ease, which will be very beneficial because it will allow them to study in a more enjoyable and comfortable way.

                Advantages of buying quality youth desk chairs Youth desk

                chairs can be very favorable furniture, especially for those who usually use them for long hours to do their academic work, so that the best option is to buy one, because It can offer you the following advantages:

                ✅  Economy

                The youth desk chairs that we have in our online catalog, have a great value, given that they are furniture of excellent brands and with specifications that provide the guarantee that our customers will have Frontline products

                In addition, we have a variety of prices, so that our customers can choose the model of chairs that best suits their budget.

                ✅  Quality

                Our youth desk chairs are of the best brands in the market and have been made with excellent materials, which guarantee their durability for a long time. 

                Also, when these furniture are used, they can give you a lot of comfort, helping people maintain a better posture to study.

                ✅  Variety

                In our catalog, we have a wide variety of youth desk chairs, so that our clients can choose the one that has the characteristics that best suit their needs.

                We have different models of desk chairs for youth that are swivel and can be adjusted to the physical conditions of the person using it, so that it can keep your back supported all the time and not suffer any type of injury.

                ✅  Ergonomics

                Some of the models of youth study chairs that we have in our catalog, have been designed with ergonomic characteristics, because they are based on the physical and psychological needs of those who are going to use them, which makes them a great option to facilitate learning processes.   

                Where to buy study chairs for youth desk?

                If you want to buy chairs for youth desk or other types of school or office furniture such as office tables, blackboards, filing cabinets, school tables and desks, among others, at DESKandSIT, we have a variety of models for you. 

                Visit our website and if you want to know more about our different products, contact us and we will offer you a totally personalized advice, answering each one of your questions and concerns.