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Office furniture 

There are 268 products.
  • Office desks: all furniture for your office. Office desks, management tables, conference and meeting tables for meeting rooms with all their accessories: screens, modesty panels. Also selection of office furniture for quick delivery: we have a collection of office desks with drawers and low cabinets available in stock. If you need fast delivery office furniture, ask us for availability. We are specialists in office furniture. We have an extensive catalog. Here we present the most common references. Are you looking for more? Request our catalog in PDF that we will send you by email or download it from our website. Different measurements, finishes, etc. Everything you need to equip your office. Premium products manufactured in Spain. The best prices. Why pay more? If you have a maintenance department that can assemble the product or time to do it by yourself, save the expense of grooving offered by traditional distributors and pay only for the product. The products you will find in this section are divided into the following large groups of office furniture:
    Desks: Office tables with their complements (electrification channels, etc)
    Counters and reception furniture
    Meeting tables and polyvalent tables for meeting rooms, training rooms, etc.

    In the other sections of the website, you will find swivel chairs, executive chairs, polyvalent chairs for receptions and waiting rooms, as well as a selection of furniture as cabinets, pedestals, etc.
    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • Within our catalog of office furniture you will find a wide variety of products, such as chairs and armchairs of different types, whether polyvalent, rotating for office, management, ergonomic and waiting or relaxing. We have some designs from great designers. Manufacture of good quality and coming from Spain.

  • School furniture and equipment. Complete range of school furniture for your schools, for children and adults.

    Your children need constant attention. And to evolve in the midst of a healthy and secure environment, thanks in particular to quality furniture. The cheap School Furniture products that you will find at the best price are on this site!

    For schools that want to acquire quality furniture at low prices, our shop offers a complete selection of furniture to equip your classrooms.

    Our collection is suitable for nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools as well as higher education institutions or training organisations. In addition, by purchasing your school materials on our site, you are guaranteed to receive items that are adapted to your needs and that meet current safety standards.

    All the essential equipment for schools at low prices!

    Our shop is specialized in quality furniture, which is why we have also included school furniture. We are therefore well aware of the challenges of this sector, but also, what furniture is essential to properly arrange a classroom.

    That's why we offer you batchs of tables and chairs. You will find on our website pictures, desks for teachers, tables for students and furniture for the storage of classroom equipment and work accessories. All the necessary furniture  is therefore available on our website and at good prices!

    We know how important it is to design a classroom well to make students want to learn.

    Products that meet the expectations of teachers and students

    o work in good conditions, it is important for teachers and their students to have equipment adapted to their needs. Chairs should be easily stackable, tables large enough to hold books and notebooks, and boards should be quickly cleaned. Similarly, furniture must be adjustable to fit children's height.

    Schools, colleges and lycées must be able to welcome not only students, but also school staff in the best conditions of comfort and safety. This is why we only offer school furniture that can solve all your problems: chair, school table, locker, wardrobe, wardrobe or even painting and cleanliness basket are to be found in this category. Discover all the school furniture on this page and find the school table or school bench you need for your school at the lowest price.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email or directly by phone.

  • Within our catalog of office furniture you will find a wide variety of products such as storage Cabinets, cupboards, file cabinets, office Storage and Shelving With Doors and open bookcase. Also office Furniture Drawers and Pedestals under desk and mobile pedestal with 2 or 3 Drawers. Also hanging file drawer pedestal., etc. Of different sizes and capacity of file: small, medium and big. From closets with doors and lock to bookstores with the option to choose between many colors. Its manufacture is of good quality and comes from Spain: bilaminate board with PVC edges and aluminum handles. Perfect for storing filing cabinets and hanging folders.

  • Accessories for office and contract: coat racks, litter bins, signs, etc. Online catalog of products and accessories selection for office and home. Coat stands, wall hangers for walls, of different designs and materials.

  • Selection of office furniture in stock for immediate delivery. Delivery in 10 working days around Europe. Office tables, drawers, cabinets, chairs, swivel chairs, chairs for boardrooms, etc.

  • Here you will find a large selection of chalkboards or whiteboards. Lacquered, laminated or enamelled boards. We have boards for personal use for the home or small rooms / offices, professional boards for use in meeting rooms or small classrooms and school boards for use in large rooms for more students. We offer quality boards always at the best price.

Office furniture Contact our Department of Architecture and Interior Design at and we will help you with your office furniture. Wide range of Office Furniture: Desks, office chairs, multi-purpose chairs, cabinets, pedestals, meeting tables, etc.. Find here a selection of chairs for your office or your home office desk.