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Office furniture 

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  • Office tables: all the furniture for your office.

    Office tables, management tables, board tables or meeting rooms with all their accessories: dividers, skirts, sockets, etc. 

    Office furniture in stock for fast delivery

    We have a section with a selection of the most essential office products. Selection of immediate delivery office furniture, such as office tables with drawers and low cabinet available in immediate delivery in 2 colors and 2 sizes, as well as a selection of swivel office chairs.

    If fast delivery office furniture is what you need, contact us for availability. 

    We are specialists in office furniture. We have an extensive catalog. Here we present the most common references. Looking for more? Request our catalog in PDF that we will send you by email or download it from our website. Measurements, finishes, etc. Everything you need to equip your office. 

    Why buy office tables at DESKandSIT?

    The office tables in our catalog are top quality products made in Spain. And without giving up the price: the tables with the best prices. Why pay more? 

    If you have a maintenance department that can assemble the product and time to do it yourself, save yourself the assembly costs offered by traditional distributors and pay only for the product.

    Wide variety of office furniture

    The products you will find in this section are divided into the following large groups of office:

    furnitureStorage furniture: with metal cabinets and drawers

    Office tables with their accessories (cable grommets, electrification channels, etc.)

    Counters and reception furniture Board

    tables and multipurpose tables for meeting rooms, training rooms, etc. 

    At DESKandSIT you will find many more products to complete your office. On the other sections of the web, you will find office swivel chairs, executive chairs, multipurpose chairs for receptions and waiting rooms, as well as a selection of furniture for immediate delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Within our catalog of office furniture you will find a wide variety of products, such as chairs and armchairs of different types, whether polyvalent, rotating for office, management, ergonomic and waiting or relaxing. We have some designs from great designers. Manufacture of good quality and coming from Spain.

  • Divider panels and partitions to keep the safety distance

    The distribution of the current office is very open. open spaces help make communication between workers very fluid, collaboration between people, etc. But in recent times, this can be a drawback since in open spaces

    sometimes it is difficult to maintain the safety distance to avoid contagion of diseases, like in the case of COVID-19.

    For this reason, we have in our catalog a set of separating elements or partitions to be able to separate the workers from the client, or the workers from each other.

    In this section you will also find different types of panels and separators commonly used in commercial premises and businesses, such as sound absorbing panels to reduce environmental noise:

    Sound-absorbing panels

    In certain premises, once the works are finished and with the personnel installed, we realize that the background noise or noise due to the conversations of the different users bothers us. Nobody likes to be in a noisy place where it will be difficult for us to concentrate. Ideally, when designing the premises, think about installing sound-absorbing panels to reduce the noise level of the premises. If this has not been done during the installation of the office, restaurants, conference room, etc., they can always be placed later.

    We have wall sound absorbing panels that are fixed to the wall, but also with folding screens with wheels and office dividers to place between the work tables.

    The latter will help reduce environmental noise and create more comfortable work areas. 

  • Tidy up your office and make your tasks easier with the right filing cabinets.

    Although obvious, we sometimes forget to tailor workspaces to people's real needs.

    The basis of an orderly office: Everything in its Place and a Place for everyThing. 

    If we want everything to be ordered, we must think about how to design the space so that we can have archive furniture that allows us to place, order and access any document, dossier, rate, catalogs or whatever is necessary in an easy and comfortable way.

    Personal drawer or common office cabinets

    It is important to differentiate between the personal file (where to have each person's utensils or confidential documents) and the general file. Each type of file cabinet has a specific function, finding drawers for personal use (generally with a pencil drawer and a pair of drawers for documents). This type of furniture allows free space on the tables, being able to leave the table tidy after each day, or even share a table or space with more users.

    Filing furniture for hanging folders Filing

    cabinets or file cabinets are also essential in offices, where we can file, with the necessary classification, invoices, orders or the documentation that must be ordered, for example, alphabetically. We have metal drawers for filing. But we must not forget that these types of folders can also be placed in cabinets with doors.

    You can choose the type of file cabinet according to the space available in our office.

    Office cabinet with doors and lock

    The most generic and adaptable piece of furniture of all is, without a doubt, the office cabinet with doors and lock that allows you to close it and determine who can access its contents.

    The interior of the cabinets can be distributed in the way you want, incorporating a wooden shelf, metal shelves for filing cabinets (if they must hold a lot of weight), shelves or racks for placing folders, etc. 

    Regarding aesthetics and comfort, we have in our catalog melamine cabinets and metal office cabinets with "shutter" or sliding doors

    Wide range of office filing furniture

    In summary,within our office furniture catalog you will find a wide variety of filing products such as cabinets or drawers, cabinets, bookcases, etc. Of different sizes and file capacity: small, medium and large. From cabinets with doors and locks to bookcases with the option of choosing from a wide range of colors. Manufacture of good quality and from Spain: board with PVC or ABS edges and aluminum handles. Perfect for storing file cabinets and hanging folders.

  • Sound-absorbing panels and white boards


    Here you will find a large selection of marker boards and chalk boards. Range of lacquered, laminated or vitrified slates. Choose the blackboard that best suits your needs, depending on whether it is for school use or meeting room (chalk or signage vitrified) or for small office or personal use (magnetic lacquered slate or non-magnetic laminated slate).

    We offer quality blackboards always with the best quality - price ratio.

    The purchase of office accessories often go to the background. Nobody remembers to complete the office until the end.

    But the details are very important. Everyone will think of the board to equip a training room. But does anyone miss a blackboard in the boardroom? or in that wider area of ​​the office where we end up improvising meetings very often.

    We have many slate models to be able to place it in any of these office spaces.

    How to choose a blackboard?

    The first thing to do is to know which board is best suited to our needs. Not only the size of the board is important. We would say that the most important thing is to choose the type of board between the use you give it: training area, office board, board for personal use in an office or board that, in addition to being useful, the board is decorative, etc.

    With this Information you can choose the appropriate blackboard for, do not overpay for a product you do not need, or fall short of the benefits of the blackboard. Lacquered white board, Laminated, Glass Slates or Vitrified Slates. Which one do you need? Green chalk board for chalk, or White board for markers ...

    The complements for the office blackboard

    Remember to request the complements for the blackboard when buying it. In this way, the board can be used from the start, with the best quality products on the market.

  • Our selection of office and contract accessories for you.

    We must not forget the small details in an office. These details, such as bins and coat racks, will help complete your workspace and make it practical.

    Sometimes, these complements are the forgotten ones, and until the work is finished, nobody remembers them. But we must give the importance they deserve. 

    We have selected a set of products from a wide range of finishes, materials and prices in order to find the most suitable product for each office.

    The star accessories: The racks

    The indispensable complement that cannot be left aside. Every worker or visit of your company will use the coat rack, so we must pay special attention to its design - it is important that it suits the general style of the office - and above all, its capacity. Who has not encountered a coat rack full of jackets? We all know the discomfort of not being able to place yours comfortably.

    It may be one of the pieces with more variety of options and designs, starting with the type of coat rack: standing or wall racks. But also the materials are very varied, having wooden coat racks or metal coat racks. Similarly, coat hangers with top shelf are very useful, so you can empty your pockets or leave bags and that they do not stay on the floor.

    And from the coat racks, we can go to the bins:

    Although sometimes they are invisible to everyone, they can never be missing. We have to think about how many wastebaskets are needed, at what point they should be placed and what capacity these wastebaskets should have: a wastebasket from a job is very different than one distributed to 4 jobs. Or even more, the trash can located next to the coffee maker, where everyone ends up throwing away not only the coffee glasses, but also breakfast packaging, etc. Sometimes, it is convenient that these bins have a lid to hide the trash and keep an order.

    Other essential accessories

    But there are other accessories that are needed in an office, such as signs, dividers for office tables or sound-absorbing acoustic panels, blackboards or cork boards for offices and schools, etc. 

    In this case, it is clear that the details that do count, therefore, we have in our online catalog a large selection of products and accessories for office and home. Get the most out of your office furniture by or office complimenting them properly. Standing coat racks, wall-mounted wall racks, coat racks of different designs and materials.

  • Selection of office furniture in stock for immediate delivery. Delivery in 10 working days around Europe. Office tables, drawers, cabinets, chairs, swivel chairs, chairs for boardrooms, etc.

Office furniture Contact our Department of Architecture and Interior Design at deskandsit@deskandsit.com and we will help you with your office furniture. Wide range of Office Furniture: Desks, office chairs, multi-purpose chairs, cabinets, pedestals, meeting tables, etc.. Find here a selection of chairs for your office or your home office desk.

Office furniture. Your online office furniture store. 

We specialize in office furniture, contract furniture, facilities and school furniture. Find in our catalog the office chairs and furniture to equip your offices, offices and facilities. 

Here you will find the best product selection to furnish your office. From the office tables, to the archival furniture, through the office chairs and all the accessories you need, such as bins, clothes racks, blackboards, etc.

What office chair do I need? From swivel chairs to bench chairs for reception

We have the best brands of chairs and design at the best price. We advise you on how to choose the best furniture and the best chairs to suit your needs. 

Are you sitting for 8 hours? Or do you prefer to work with more mobility? Among our products you will find a wide range of products, always of the best quality and with the best market price. We have a wide range of chairs that are needed in an office: swivel armchairs, ergonomic chairs, computer chairs and desks, multi-purpose chairs for meeting and auditorium rooms, reception benches, executive chairs for executive offices, etc.

Do you need an ergonomic chair? We have the best national and import brands (Scandinavian and Italian) to adapt to you. If you do not have a very high budget, we will recommend the products that best fit your needs. 

Office tables and tables for boardrooms.  

As for the furniture, in our catalog you will find everything from office tables for one person to sets for the number of people you need, Bench type office tables or sets, with all its accessories: skirts, CPU holder, computer support, dividers between tables , wings to take advantage of the space, meeting tables, tables for meeting rooms and multipurpose rooms, furniture for training areas and for the office or cafeteria area. 

Filing furniture: drawers and cabinets

We have the online catalog so you can download it. In the catalog of office furniture you will find a wide range of colors and finishes. If you need it, we have references in stock for immediate delivery: such as basic office tables, drawers and file cabinets indispensable for immediate delivery in white and light gray. Ask us 

School furniture:

We have a wide range of school furniture, so on the web you will find a section dedicated exclusively to school furniture. 

School furniture and equipment has several peculiarities. For starters, children's tables (desks) and chairs for classrooms have sizes. We have chairs and desks for ages from 2 years to products for older children, teenagers and adults. 

You will also find in our catalogs the necessary accessories for every school: cabinets and drawers, hammocks for preschool, equipment and signage: blackboards for chalk and whiteboards, signage, corks and showcases for school, coat racks, and countless items designed and designed according to the specific regulations of the schools.

Counters: The mobiliary to equip the reception of your business.

Counters, reception furniture and reception tables. Whether you are looking for a large counter cabinet for a reception of a company, as if you need a small table to serve your customers, you need a counter cabinet that the image that your business needs.

All add-ons for your office

An office is not complete until all the details are placed. Get all employees at ease by offering them various amenities such as coat hangers, wastebaskets, meeting room boards properly.